Motorcycle Mama.

Friday, April 19th, 2013

Rick comforts Hope, Steffy prepare to wed, and Steffy surprises everyone.

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Rick finds Hope standing alone outside at Forrester. They hug. She can't believe after all she and Liam went through, it ends with him marrying Steffy. They talk about Maya. Hope has no objections to him hiring her - she can't wait to meet her. She lauds Rick for taking control and fighting for what he wants - if she had done that, Liam might not be marrying Steffy.

Taylor is told by a staff member that the courtyard is ready for the wedding. She heads outside and finds Eric. They agree it looks stunning and kiss.

Upstairs at the mansion, Taylor brings Thomas in to see Steffy. He teases her that once she decided Liam was the one, he didn't stand a chance. Taylor gets teary. The trio embraces. Thomas goes, and Taylor tells Steffy she's radiant. Downstairs, Thomas joins Eric, Justin, and Caroline, who complains about Rick not being there. Eric comments that she's a handful. Thomas is glad to have escaped unscathed. Caroline heads upstairs to congratulate Steffy, enthusing, "We're going to be cousin-in-laws!" She goes on about having a friend in the family since she doesn't have any - women don't seem to like her!

At Bill's place, he adjusts Liam's tie and embraces him. "Your wedding day! And you're marrying the right woman on top of it." Liam asks about Katie. Bill says she'll be home soon. Bill agrees to stand up for Liam and tells him he's so proud.

Bill enters the Forrester mansion and presents his Liam. Everyone applauds. Eric welcomes Liam to the family, and raises eyebrows by warning him of bizarre pregnancy behavior and food cravings. Liam tells Taylor how genuinely he feels for Steffy. She says she's always known they were right for each other. Carter arrives and greets Justin, who tells him to call if he needs anything. Bill goes upstairs to see Steffy. She says she'll make his son happy and calls him 'Gramps'. Back downstairs, Bill and Liam remember Liam's mother. Liam says she would have loved Steffy. Bill hugs him again. "You, Steffy, and the baby will have a beautiful life together." Taylor goes upstairs. She and Steffy discuss Ridge's absence. Steffy also misses Phoebe and Grandma, but feels them there. Taylor gifts Steffy with a diamond necklace Stephanie gave her years ago. Steffy is so grateful for Taylor. They embrace.

Still at Forrester, Rick talks to Hope about the launch, but Hope demands he take her to Eric's - now.

Taylor goes upstairs when it's time for the ceremony but Steffy's gone. Taylor goes back downstairs where everyone is gathered outside. They hear a motorcycle. Steffy roars up the driveway in a black lacy catsuit and train, and black pumps. Liam beams as she joins him. Carter chuckles, "They do things differently here in L.A.!"

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Hope plans a last-resort attempt to sabotage Liam's wedding and get him back.

Oliver makes Hope an offer.

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