We Both Feel It.

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

Katie dumps Bill, Caroline sees Rick with Maya, and Bill tells Brooke he can't pretend anymore.

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At Brooke's place, Katie holds out her wedding ring to Bill. "I want a divorce!" Brooke tells her to put the ring back on and cool off. Katie tearfully implores him to take it. "I'm done!" Bill wonders if this is a game - he'll never be a good enough husband. She says he's right, he won't. Katie informs Brooke he's all hers - she'll make him happier than she ever could. Katie slams out. Brooke suggests Bill go after her, but Bill feels she's done with him. Brooke urges him not to give up. Bill gives a speech about Katie being the woman who knew what it took to be Mrs. Bill Spencer. He doesn't know what happened to that woman - she must have hoped deep down to change him, but it's impossible. He says she returned to him, yet she's still gone. Bill blames his drinking and driving on the constant turmoil. Bill tells Brooke that Katie's handed them over to each other again and moves in close. Bill says he can't pretend anymore - they both feel it. They kiss passionately and Brooke's robe comes off...

Maya and Rick have lunch on the restaurant terrace. Nearby, Dayzee listens as Caroline tears a strip off a waiter and frets over a posting a photo of her salad. Dayzee complains she has a million things to do. Caroline says she's there to talk about Maya. She accuses Dayzee of aiding and abetting her by letting her stay above the cafe. Suddenly, Caroline notices Rick with Maya and starts dissing her clothes and running her down for having been in jail. Dayzee wants to help Maya, but doesn't want her infiltrating her life. At their table, Rick and Maya discuss their early experiences together. They agree it's better he didn't tell her he was a Forrester right away. Caroline appears as Rick is filling Maya in on his past with Amber. Rick stands and Caroline paws all over him while calling Maya by the wrong name and insulting her top. Caroline says Rick doesn't have time for lunch and rejoins Dayzee. Maya asks Rick if she's for real. Caroline, meanwhile, rants to Dayzee about how she was handpicked for Rick by his mother. She looks up Maya online and mocks her as a struggling actress. She gets an idea and leaves. Rick and Maya keep chatting. She hopes to get an acting gig. He's encouraging.

Caroline goes to see a man who makes adult-only movies and gives him Maya's photo.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Rick and Maya want to deal in the present.

Two people act on an attraction and make love for the first time.

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- Candace Young

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