You Should Have Come Home.

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

Katie goes to confront Bill and Brooke, Hope and Liam watch Will, and Katie makes a decision.

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At home, Katie tells Donna that certain assumptions have to be made when your husband spends the night with another woman - she has no alternative but to confront them. Katie goes and Liam arrives. He asks where Bill is and Donna acts cagey. Hope appears, saying this is the morning she spends with Will every week. Donna hands Will over and leaves. Liam tells Hope he'll take care of Will, but she wants to stay. They put Will on the floor and talk about babies changing your life and being bundles of need. Hope tells Liam he'll have to be patient with Steffy and assures him he'll be a dream father. As they chat, Hope says this is what the life she thought they'd have would look like. Liam keeps trying unsuccessfully to reach Bill. Will naps. Hope and Liam talk about babies growing up. Hope says at some point you have to stay between the lines. Liam's sorry he's on one side of the line and she's on the other.

Brooke enters her bedroom to find Bill groaning from his hangover and bump on the head. She claims to have the antidote and gives him a concoction to drink. She sits beside him on the bed and holds a compress to his head. They discuss that he should call Katie since Brooke was short with her last night. They hear the door downstairs. Brooke thinks it's Hope. Katie appears, sees them in bed and screams, "You both make me sick!" They start protesting about Bill being hurt. He tells Katie he crashed the car. She's appalled that he drove drunk. Bill says he lost control and hit Brooke's car so she drove him there. Brooke explains she didn't tell her last night because of Lt. Baker. Katie cries to Bill that he should have come home last night. "You should have been in my bed, not hers!" Katie complains about Brooke covering for Bill. He tells her to leave Brooke out of it. Katie rants about Brooke being his confidant now. She tells him he's lying to himself if he thinks nothing is going on here. Brooke protests. Katie hollers at 'poor misunderstood Bill' that it's not just about him - they have a child. Katie doesn't trust Bill anymore. Bill tells Katie he misses time for them and Brooke says Bill loves her. Katie is done - Bill wants someone he can play games with. She tells Brooke she can have him and fills her in on why women don't trust her. Bill says this isn't about him and Brooke. Katie says none of it matters - she wants a divorce!

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Caroline makes plans to keep Maya and Rick apart.

Bill is shocked by Katie's stance.

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