Not My Man.

Friday, March 29th, 2013

Bill makes a poor decision, Brooke and Katie argue, and Maya visits Rick.

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At Forrester, Katie tells Brooke to stay away from Bill. Brooke protests that he's a shareholder in the company. Katie scoffs at the excuse they're using to spend time together. Brooke tells Katie she's the real problem - the demands she's making on her husband. Katie protests that Bill needs to participate in their marriage too. Brooke complains about how hurt Bill was when she walked out on him. "Appreciate him, before you drive him away." Katie turns the tables - it's amazing how Brooke can justify everything she's doing. Brooke goes on about letting him have a drink. Katie brings up Brooke's history and how she needs a man to fill the void now that Ridge is gone. "Not my man." Brooke insists she's just been trying to make Katie's marriage work. She says Katie needs to turn him on or she'll lose him. Katie asks, "To you?"

At Spencer, Alison joins Bill in his drinking game. He goes on to Alison about the relaunch of Brooke's Bedroom and the gossip about Eric and Taylor. They discuss the nature of his drinking game. Bill asserts that he doesn't take orders - not from his wife, not from anyone. Alison offers to drive him home or call his driver. He says fine and then calls Brooke to apologize for missing the press conference. She says Katie was just there. Bill tells her to meet at his house to hash this out. He hangs up and grabs his keys. On her end, Brooke doesn't think Bill was alright and heads out.

Caroline leans over Rick's shoulder in his office purring that everything's fine now. He blows off her advances, and she leaves, asking him to call her later.

At the cafe, Maya says to Dayzee that Caroline's rude. Dayzee defends Caroline and tells Maya she needs to forget she ever met Rick. Later, Caroline returns and asks Dayzee not to let Rick volunteer if he shows up. Dayzee agrees. She tells Caroline not to worry - Maya's not Rick's girlfriend - she is. Caroline goes on about the situation - she says Rick obviously feels guilty about leading Maya on, but it's over now that they've talked to her.

Danielle stops by Katie's house and is stunned to hear her say that Brooke and Bill kissed and he has to be kept away from her. Danielle hugs her - she understands the damage has been done. Katie says she's seen Brooke unable to fight an attraction too many times.

Maya arrives at Rick's office and tells him that she over-reacted to him being a Forrester. She tells him that both Caroline and Dayzee warned her away from him, and that she saw him with Caroline last night. She realizes Caroline seems perfect for him, but she doesn't get why he wants to date such a bitch. She tells him Caroline said she's a loser who doesn't stand a chance with him. They kiss - twice. Maya likes her chances.

In his car, Bill is thinking about telling Katie he misses her when he swerves into the path of Brooke's car. They are both left unconscious.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Bill's choice leads to more issues with Katie.

Katie talks to Danielle about Bill.

Donna tries to tamp down on issues threatening her family.

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- Candace Young

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