Stay Away From My Man.

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

Caroline confronts Maya, Katie and Bill argue, and Brooke prepares for the press conference.

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Bill takes a call from Brooke at his office. They discuss Katie and the press conference. Brooke suggests he bring Katie. He hangs up as Katie arrives. He asks her to come to the press conference for Brooke's Bedroom with him. She says she's not going - and neither is he. They argue. Alison interrupts and they then go back to bickering. Katie loves her sister, but knows her very well. Bill accuses Katie of not trusting him. He tells Katie he's sick of hearing 'no' and is going to do a shot every time she says it. Within a minute he's downed several shots as they argue about Will, her demands, his passion, and the future. Bill says he misses his wife - having a baby turned her into an entirely different person. Katie spots a text from Brooke on his phone and takes off. Bill keeps drinking and thinking about Brooke.

In Rick's office, Caroline paws him and complains that he wasn't very enthusiastic last night. He wants to focus on Brooke's Bedroom.

At the cafe, Maya relives her good times with Rick. Caroline shows up and tells her to stay away from her man. Maya explains that when she met Rick, she didn't know he was in a relationship. Caroline brings up her jail time. Maya says she was innocent. Caroline snaps that's what they all say. She taunts Maya that Rick hid her in the dumpy diner - that should tell her all she needs to know. Dayzee enters as Caroline runs Maya into the ground and tells her she won't be latching onto her man. Dayzee takes Caroline's side, insisting that Maya leave Rick alone.

In the Forrester Creations corridor, Donna and Pam talk about the Brooke's Bedroom relaunch. Pam makes faces - she isn't as enthusiastic as Donna.

Taylor is with Eric in his office. She tells him she thinks relaunching Brooke's Bedroom is a waste of resources. He says he's going to make another announcement today - about them. Taylor walks down to Brooke's office and needles her about Bill, saying if Katie's smart, she'll keep him away today. Brooke accuses Taylor of getting Katie riled up. Taylor maintains that Brooke and Bill were behaving inappropriately. Brooke hisses that they're not having an affair. Taylor says not yet... Eric and Rick appear. Brooke goes to get changed. Eric begins the press conference and Brooke emerges in lingerie. Jarrett calls her out on her age. Brooke giggles and jokes. Eric steps up to make his announcement - that Dr. Taylor Hayes is living with him.

Rick returns to his office and thinks about Maya.

Katie finds Brooke in her office and confronts her about her inappropriate text to Bill. Katie insists she have no further contact with her husband.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Bill makes a risky choice related to driving.

Rick and Maya kiss again.

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