Don’t Have It To Give.

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

Maya bumps into Rick on her date with Carter, Donna confronts Brooke about what happened with Katie, and Bill is honest with Katie about his feelings.

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At Katie and Bill’s, Taylor tries to convince Katie there is something going on. Katie thinks she was wrong to confront Bill. Bill walks in and accuses Taylor of padding her bill by feeding into Katie’s insecurities. He tells her she no longer has a client. Katie doesn’t think it is his call to make. Bill says her trust and loyalty should be with him, not Taylor. Katie asks if loyalty is a safe subject for him. Katie argues about his drinking and rolling around in bed with Brooke. Bill thinks he doesn’t come first with her as much as she wants to be first with him. She asks if he is jealous of their son. She cries and claims she is doing her best. He tells her to stop while he tells her how he feels. He kisses her and invites her to bed. Katie joins him in the bedroom. He wants her to come to him and she refuses him. He turns out the light and thinks about Brooke.

At Forrester Donna asks Brooke how she could do this to their sister. Brooke denies that anything is going on and she is not the problem. She is afraid Katie is driving Bill away. Donna tells her not to act like she is attracted to Bill. Brooke asks, "if I am?" Brooke is tired of tiptoeing around Katie’s needs and is mad about her comments that Brooke thinks she could have any man. Donna asks if she could have Bill would she and leaves the office. Brooke thinks about Bill.

Rick is at the guest house thinking about Maya and the time they spent together before leaving for his dad’s with fashion drawings.

Dayzee and Marcus have drinks at Eric’s. Dayzee is surprised when Maya arrives with Carter. Eric takes the recently arrived guests to check out his wine collection. Dayzee confronts Marcus about the uncomfortable situation with Maya. Eric returns with Carter and Maya and the topic changes to Rick. He shares that Rick lives on the property. Taylor says dinner will be served soon and leaves. Marcus and Carter step away and Dayzee tells Maya she shouldn’t be there. Maya asks if she shouldn’t see Carter now. When Eric returns to them Maya says she has to leave. Eric is talking her into staying when Rick shows up. He apologizes for interrupting when he sees Maya. She tells everyone she knows Rick. Rick leaves. Maya excuses herself and follows Rick outside. They exchange words about how they could have known each other once.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Caroline wants Rick to know she’s the one.

Brooke and Bill have their thoughts on each other.

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