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Monday, March 25th, 2013

Bill and Katie face-off, Dayzee tells Caroline the truth, and Maya gets a date.

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At Forrester, Katie implores Bill to tell Brooke that nothing will ever happen between the two of them. Bill reminds Katie she promised she wouldn't try to change him and now she's telling him what to say and how to live. "It has to stop." Brooke tells Katie that she and Bill were just working, but Bill interrupts to say she doesn't have to defend herself; this has nothing to do with her. Katie reminds him they have a child now and have to have higher standards of behavior. She says again that he has something to clarify to her sister. He says he doesn't. Katie leaves to be with Will, saying they'll continue talking when he shows up at home. Brooke asks Bill why he didn't tell Katie nothing was going on between them. Bill replies, "Because it wasn't true." Brooke says he needs to go talk to his wife. Bill says lately he sometimes feels he married the wrong sister.

In Rick's office, Caroline pouts to Rick that she needs his attention just like the company does. Hope comes in as she's needling him about Dayzee's. Caroline exits warning of impending retail therapy if he doesn't stop blowing her off. Hope and Rick discuss his situation with Maya and Caroline. Rick's upset that he blew it with Maya. He talks about telling Caroline. Hope urges him not to put it off. She thinks Maya will talk to him again - she is. Hope thinks a small chance is better than no chance. She urges Rick to be happy and reach out to Maya. Rick thinks about Maya.

At Dayzee's, Carter asks Maya out. She asks if he's a Forrester. He says no, he just works for one. She agrees to go out with him. He gets her number and tells her that with him, what you see is what you get.

Outside at Forrester, Dayzee tells Marcus that Maya's into Rick. They discuss and speculate about what Rick was doing with Maya. Marcus is glad Dayzee told Maya the truth about being a Forrester. Dayzee thinks it would be weird if Caroline and Rick flamed out because of meeting Maya in her coffee shop. Marcus says it's all on Rick - it has nothing to do with her. Marcus goes and Caroline joins Dayzee complaining about Rick being too busy for her. Dayzee tells her there's another girl, and explains about Maya, saying she thought she should know. She says she told Maya to stay away from him, but who knows... Caroline says Dayzee's right - they have to be kept apart.

Carter meets Marcus at Forrester and tells him he has a date with Maya. Marcus says Dayzee will be thrilled.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Carter brings Maya to the Forrester mansion.

Katie and Bill argue about the problems in their marriage.

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