It's Just Business.

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

Katie and Brooke have it out, Taylor and Rick argue, and Liam runs into Hope.

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At Forrester, Katie barks at Brooke to back the hell off her husband. She turns to Bill and berates him for forgetting to mention that his plans for Forrester included Brooke running around in her underwear. She yells at him for drinking and rolling around on a bed with her sister. They protest. Katie points out that she's not stupid and asks if there's something going on she should know about. Brooke insists they were just celebrating - it's just business. Katie brings up the drinking thing again. Brooke says she needs to accept Bill for who he is. Katie snaps - how dare Brooke tell her what her husband needs. Brooke accuses her of being unavailable and uninterested in her husband. Brooke adds that Bill's been coming to her for acceptance and understanding. Bill steps out. Brooke lectures Katie about how to handle Bill. He listens through the door as Brooke defends him. Katie tells Brooke that she won't be her next victim. Brooke tells Katie to stop taking Bill for granted - she's very lucky to have him. Katie says to Brooke she knows she will make a move on Bill - it's coming. Brooke asks if she's off her medication. Bill re-enters. Katie informs Bill that he will not be drinking and working with Brooke. She demands that Bill tell Brooke they will never happen.

Outside at Forrester, Taylor goes on to Rick about how desperate Brooke's stunt was, but Rick gloats that it worked - Brooke's Bedroom is back in business. He says Thomas tried, but they just had a better idea. Taylor is certain Eric will rethink green-lighting Brooke's Bedroom. Rick says it's just business. Taylor doesn't know if Katie would agree. Rick accuses her of trying to stir things up with Katie. Taylor says she's looking out for her due to Brooke's track record with inappropriate relationships. Rick says it's about her never-ending battle with his mother. Taylor wants Rick to admit that it's bizarre and dangerous what is happening with Bill and Brooke. Rick says she's just a sore loser. Taylor doesn't budge - this is how it always begins with his mother and she doesn't want it to happen to Katie. Rick angrily says she should stop obsessing.

Liam runs into Hope at Forrester. Awkwardness ensues. Hope tells him Steffy is probably off consoling Thomas. She fills him in on Thomas being upstaged by her mother in her lingerie - helped along by his dear old Dad. Steffy's pregnancy comes up and Hope says she managed to forget it briefly. Liam asks if she's alright. Hope admits she came across a sketch of Steffy's wedding dress - they should get married soon or she won't fit in it. Hope tells him she asked Steffy to leave the company and goes on about how difficult it is to see her every day. She complains that Steffy must know about birth control. Liam says that was on both of them. Hope says it's not fair what she took from them. "We were robbed, Liam!" Liam doesn't know what to say. He hugs her. Later, Liam watches her cry.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Dayzee is concerned about Maya sticking around.

Caroline finds out what's been going on with Rick.

Katie begins to worry about her marriage.

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