Attention Junkie.

Monday, March 18th, 2013

Taylor confronts Brooke, Thomas warns Rick, and Katie reassures Donna.

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Backstage at Forrester, Brooke, Bill, and Rick enthuse about the look on Taylor's face - today was priceless. Brooke is excited to make the company profitable again. Rick thanks them and heads for his office. Taylor appears and tells Brooke she made a spectacle of herself - and ruined Thomas' presentation. Brooke says it wasn't personal. Bill says Thomas' ideas are wrong for Forrester - Brooke will pull the company up by its bootstraps. Tay wonders why he's involved. He says he's a shareholder. Taylor tells Brooke she's an attention junkie who looks like a desperate, aging fool. Taylor warns that when Eric has time to think about it, he'll realize it's undignified. She hints about Bill and Brooke. Bill says she needs time on her own couch for the baggage she carries around about Brooke. Brooke says Taylor can't stop them from doing Brooke's Bedroom. Taylor feels Brooke will make Forrester a laughing stock. Bill defends Brooke. Taylor accuses them of having an inappropriate relationship. Later, Bill urges Brooke to ignore Taylor. Brooke raves about this glorious adventure they're beginning. Bill pours champagne and toasts, "To us."

In Rick's office, Thomas tells him his mommy saved his butt doing what she does best - taking off her clothes. Rick warns him not to disrespect her. Thomas says they need a new vision to save the company, not a middle-age woman wearing lingerie. Thomas thinks Rick's days as president are numbered. They bicker about whether Brooke's line will save or sink the company. Rick tells Thomas his mother made an inroad for him by sleeping with Eric, but it didn't work. He concedes that Thomas' forward-thinking is an asset - if he'd just get on board. Caroline interrupts. Thomas exits. Caroline simpers about how much she misses Rick and reveals her lingerie. Rick spits his drink across the room. Caroline urges him to reach out and take it.

At Katie's house, she and Donna discuss it being Bill's idea for Brooke to relaunch her line. Katie insists she trusts them both. Talk turns to how Bill wants more of Katie - more attention, more sex. Donna offers to babysit if she wants to plan something special. She hints that Katie should fulfill Bill's needs. Katie shares that Bill and Brooke kissed when she was away - Taylor told her and Brooke didn't deny it. She believes it will never happen again. Taylor arrives and informs Katie there's a situation with Bill and Brooke that will end in heartache - for her.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Taylor tells Katie what is happening with Bill and Brooke.

Maya talks to Dayzee about her trip with Rick.

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