Better Hands.

Friday, March 15th, 2013

Thomas makes his presentation, Rick learns Brooke and Bill's plans, and Donna talks to Katie.

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At Forrester, Thomas tells Pam and Thorne there will be no music for his presentation. They need a solution and he has it.

Rick arrives in his office to find Bill, Brooke, Oliver, and Marcus there. They ask him where he's been and fill him in on the low sales numbers. Bill says Thomas is presenting again, but they have their own solution - Brooke's Bedroom. Rick asks who will be the spokesmodel and realizes they intend for it to be his mother. Rick asks Bill and Brooke if they're serious. Hope enters and discusses Thomas with Rick. Rick tells her they've got a surprise for Eric - Mom's relaunching her lingerie line. Soon Caroline arrives wanting to know where Rick's been. He tells her not now - they're in the middle of a crisis. Brooke says they're going to show them how it's done. Brooke and Bill end up alone and he tells her she'll save the company - it couldn't be in better hands. Brooke says she couldn't be in better hands. She dons red lingerie and Bill says she's stunning. She laughs, "Turn your back if it's too much, Stallion."

At Katie's house, Donna coos over Will and asks Katie if she's heard about the Forrester drama. Katie says she's sorry about Taylor and Eric. Donna tells Katie not to count her out - Taylor's just using him. Donna asks Katie how she's doing. She says she's happy, but admits things have been challenging with Bill - he keeps complaining she's not available enough to him. Donna asks, "Are you?" She reminds Katie of everything Brooke and Bill shared when she sent them off to Aspen. Katie isn't concerned.

Taylor and Eric have a moment in his office. She says all these business decisions don't matter - only they do. Pam enters and says Thomas is ready. She reminds him his flight for Genoa City leaves immediately after.

Pam rejoins Thomas, Steffy, Jake, and Thorne. Thomas suggests she get champagne on ice for later. Eric and Taylor arrive. Eric asks where Brooke is. Thomas gets started. Rick challenges him from the back row. Thomas isn't fazed and continues. Rick heckles. Thomas asks him to show just one line that's produced a profit during his tenure. Suddenly Thomas is interrupted by music, lights and Bill's voice introducing the Brooke's Bedroom line. Models show off the new line with Brooke providing the grand finale on a bed. After, Brooke finds Bill backstage and says, "We did it!" They look into each other's eyes...

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Caroline goes all out to catch Rick's eye.

Thomas and Rick's rivalry heats up.

Katie's marriage fears are well-founded.

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