Look What The Wind Blew In.

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

Brooke argues with Taylor, Rick refuses Caroline, and Bill wants balance.

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At the Forrester mansion, Brooke rants at Taylor that she's taking advantage of Eric. Taylor says it's none of her business and they are both very happy. Brooke tells Taylor to stop unpacking. She accuses her of getting Stephanie back. They bicker. Brooke says this will create a scandal for Eric. Taylor is amused she would bring up that word after all she's done in her life. Taylor says she knows Brooke discussed this with Bill and wonders if Katie knows she's having private conversations with her husband behind her back. Brooke sniffs that she and Bill are just friends and returns to her theme - Taylor is taking advantage of Eric. She thinks it's all about pushing her family out of the business and undermining them in the family. Later, Eric arrives. Taylor tells her Brooke feels she's using her seductive powers to lure him into her diabolical web. Eric chuckles - he'll talk to her. Taylor insists Brooke isn't going to let this go. Eric says if this is where Taylor wants to be; this is where she belongs. Taylor says it's good to be home.

Bill tells Katie, at home, that he's home for the afternoon due to canceled meetings. Katie seems less than enthused and takes Will up to the nursery. After, Katie bustles about and Bill asks her to sit down and kisses her. He wants to head to the bedroom, but Katie makes excuses about Will waking up. Bill reminds her they're a couple and suggests they get a nanny. She doesn't want one. Bill tells her they need balance. Brooke arrives and Will wakes up. Katie rushes upstairs. Brooke tells Bill that Taylor's moving in to Eric's. Brooke rants that she's using Eric for revenge and control. Bill asks if she's sure this is calculated. Brooke's certain of it, and won't let her get away with this.

Rick's at Dayzee's watching the door. Anthony knows he's watching for the girl; the singer. Maya enters. Anthony teases, "Look what the wind blew in." Rick welcomes her back and lets her know he took her table from the other waitress. She grins. Rick tells her she's talented and shares that when he's not working he likes to hang out, listen to good music, and meet interesting people. Suddenly Caroline shows up to 'kidnap' him. Rick says he can't leave. Caroline says she made them reservations at the trendy place. He says she knew he was coming here. Caroline pouts and cajoles and eventually shouts. Maya turns to look. Rick refuses to leave. Caroline walks out. Maya asks if it was his girlfriend. Rick nods. Maya doesn't like the way she spoke to him. Rick says he probably could have left, but he working there makes him feel good. He says she could help people feel good with her music.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Bill suggests an over-the-top plan to Brooke to win back some power at Forrester.

Hope goes to Liam looking for a favor.

Maya asks Rick to help her out.

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