Romance Or Revenge?

Monday, March 4th, 2013

Taylor moves, Carter gets hired, and Brooke is stunned.

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At Forrester, Brooke tells Bill she didn't get to ask Eric about her role in the company last night because he was in the bedroom with Taylor. Bill grins and comments that Eric must be hitting the little blue pill hard. Brooke hisses that it's not funny - he's very vulnerable right now and Taylor's taking advantage. Brooke thinks she's jeopardizing the future of Forrester. Bill says she may be over-reacting - perhaps they both just needed to get freaky - it's not like they're moving in together. Brooke disagrees - Taylor got Eric to promote Thomas. She says Taylor warned her there would be payback. Bill muses that payback is a bitch...and so is Taylor. He decides they'll have to keep an eye on the situation. Brooke goes on about all the reasons Taylor is out to get her and her family. She decides to make Eric listen.

Eric wakes Taylor up in his bed. They kiss and he tells her he's made a decision - he'll send shipping guys from Forrester to get her things from her house. "I want you to move in with me." He knows people will think it's too soon, but he knows what he wants. Taylor agrees. He crowns her the new Forrester matriarch.

Thomas and Steffy are at Taylor's place marveling that she didn't come home last night. They discount the idea of her still being at Eric's. Steffy thinks it's not her style. Soon, two shipping guys from Forrester show up, followed by Taylor and Eric. Eric tells Thomas and Steffy that he asked their mother to move in. As her stuff is carted out, Thomas and Steffy fret about it being too fast. Taylor and Eric want to be together. Thomas and Steffy wish them well. Once alone, Steffy and Thomas decide they're all in a good place. Thomas wonders what Brooke will think.

In his office, Rick is introduced to Carter by Marcus. They talk about Carter's expertise. Marcus tells Carter that Rick can get him into any club in town. Carter says Marcus was the party guy growing up. Marcus asks Rick about hiring Carter and picking his legal brain. Carter starts asking Rick about their patents. They set him up with access to files and Carter goes. Rick asks Marcus if Carter knows any agents - he met a talented young woman at Dayzee's. He says the best part is she thinks he's a waiter. 'There's just something about her." Caroline calls about a dinner that night, but Rick says he's volunteering again and lets her go.

Taylor is settling in at the Forrester mansion when Brooke shows up. Taylor tells her she's moving in. Appalled, Brooke says she's doing this to get back at her. "This is no romance, this is revenge!"

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Bill is frustrated by Katie paying more attention to Will than to him.

Rick quits flirting with Maya when Caroline appears.

Brooke thinks Taylor is using Eric.

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