A New Forrester Matriarch.

Friday, March 1st, 2013

Brooke has it out with Eric and Taylor, Thomas welcomes Liam to the family, and Oliver shares something with Hope.

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Thomas visits Steffy and Liam at the Malibu house. Liam tells him he and Hope had no idea what Brooke was planning yesterday. Steffy thinks it will all work out for the best. Thomas welcomes Liam to the family. Liam tells Thomas he's committed to being a father. Steffy muses that she should have told him sooner, but she had to be sure it was more. Liam says, "It is." Liam goes to do some work. Steffy teases Thomas about becoming an uncle. They discuss Taylor dating Eric. Thomas thinks it's great for both of them. Steffy agrees - he will treat her like she deserves. She notes that Brooke won't like it - an added bonus. They talk about Taylor being excited about life again - it's obvious how she feels.

Oliver finds Hope wiping away tears at work. He heard what happened from Madison, who thought he could help her. Oliver wants to tell her a quick story. He starts into 'their' story, and says one night he was out late he did something he thought would help get her back. Oliver shows her a tattoo on his ankle - the Chinese symbol for Hope! She giggles and smiles. He admits he didn't want her to know and planned to get it removed but something always came up - maybe it was a sign. He still cares for her. Hope embraces him.

Brooke calls through Eric's bedroom door. He emerges and asks what she's doing there. She's concerned that he's ill, and then assumes he's hiding Donna. Brooke spots Taylor and is outraged. She rants at them - Stephanie just died! Eric tells her not to judge him. Brooke decides Taylor's using him to get power at Forrester. Taylor informs Brooke this isn't about her or her family, and she's never been cruel or manipulative. Eric says he will always miss Stephanie, but he's alive, and she'd want him to move on. Brooke complains that Taylor is a hypocrite and says she's taking her place - Stephanie asked her to guide the family. Taylor asks her to stop trying to make it ugly. Eric informs Brooke he loves Taylor. Taylor says she's being selfish. "This is happening, whether you like it or not." Brooke storms downstairs hollering that it's wrong. Taylor says they're following their hearts - nothing she hasn't preached. Brooke says Stephanie wouldn't want this and tries to kick Taylor out. Eric says Brooke's the one leaving - now. Brooke's eyes fill with tears. Once alone, Eric tells Taylor there's a new Forrester matriarch. "It's you." They kiss.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Taylor moves in with Eric.

Brooke moves to take more power at Forrester Creations with Bill's encouragement.

Steffy has concerns about Liam's decision.

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