You, Me, And Baby Makes Three.

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

Bill pushes Brooke to visit Eric, Taylor and Eric get closer, and Liam and Steffy are surprised by Bill.

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At the cabin, Bill tells Brooke that Eric needs her - he's running Forrester with a bunch of kids. Brooke's still down about Hope and Liam. Bill says he respects that she fought the good fight, but she needs to let it go. Brooke thinks they'd be together if Steffy wasn't pregnant. They talk about Eric being alone. Brooke wonders if Bill wants him to get involved with Eric. Bill says no; he wants her to get more involved with the business. He insists she should go see Eric tonight. Brooke says she'll do it.

At Liam's place Steffy calls to put her loft on the market and marvels over the day. She's a little concerned. He assures her he doesn't feel trapped and is where he wants to be. "You, me, and baby makes three." Liam says it's all hard to believe; the baby, not to mention coming home to find Brooke there planning a wedding. Steffy gives her credit for going after what she wants. They talk about cravings. Liam says this is going to be a trip. Steffy says she's craving something else - they kiss. Bill suddenly comes through the door on a mini dirt bike with balloons and a bag full of baby gifts on his back! They laugh at his exuberance. He hugs them both and is thrilled about the new generation of Spencer coming. They learn he's talked to Brooke. He assures them Brooke and Hope will land on their feet. Bill tells Liam they now share a new bond - the first hands-on dads in their family. He tells them they'll be great parents and embraces them.

At Eric's house, he tells Taylor she'll be the most beautiful grandmother in the world. They discuss Stephanie. Eric thinks she'd want him to get on with his life - and who better to do it with than Taylor. They sit down to dinner. Taylor asks if he'll be having a martini. He says it's time to let that routine go. Taylor says this is the perfect ending to her day. Eric tells her it's not over yet and they slow dance. Over dinner, they discuss their attraction. She tells him she hasn't felt like this in a long time - it feels good. Taylor soon learns that Eric has something prepared up in the bedroom. In there, he shows her a new design to try on. Downstairs, Brooke lets herself into the house and spots the remains of dinner. Upstairs, Taylor's wearing the emerald green nightgown and kisses Eric. They suddenly hear Brooke's voice outside the door. "Eric? Are you in there?"

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Brooke learns Eric's with Taylor.

Oliver reveals a long hidden secret to Hope.

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