A Fun Nine Months.

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

Liam and Steffy talk babies, Bill advises Brooke, and Taylor has a hot date.

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At the cabin, Bill tells Brooke he knows she's hurting for Hope and strokes her face, asking what he can do. Brooke thinks Liam was ready to recommit to Hope today and says she'll always be in his heart - baby or no baby. Bill confronts her about springing the whole wedding thing on Liam. He says everything everyone's done is trumped by the baby. Brooke wants Bill to ask Liam if he was going to marry Hope - she needs to know. Bill says Liam's decided, and it won't serve anyone to open that up - especially her. Bill thinks Hope will bounce back and suggests Brooke turn her focus back to Forrester. He advises her to approach Eric about running it as co-CEOs. Brooke is reluctant, so Bill tries to build her confidence. He tells her to go to Eric...tonight.

At home, Liam tells Steffy she's a super sexy mother-to-be. They hug and an egg cracks between them. They joke about cravings. Liam grins. "I want you. I want this baby, and I want everything that comes along with it." They order pizza...with anchovies, and talk about baby names. Steffy jokes if it's a boy they could do another Bill. She can think of one name she wouldn't want... She teases how about 'Isis' for a girl - she'd be fearless. Liam smiles. "Just like her mom." Liam gets online and learns fathers can experience pregnancy symptoms. "It's going to be a fun nine months." He apologizes for her going through some of it alone. Steffy's glad to know the future will be the three of them. They kiss.

Eric finds a note from Pam about dinner in his living room. He goes to make the two martinis, but stops and looks at a photo of him and Taylor on his phone.

Taylor visits Thomas in his office and comments on his beard. She tells him she and Bill have something in common - they're going to be grandparents. "Your sister is pregnant." Taylor assures him she is already beginning her life with Liam at the beach house - it's what Liam wants. Taylor takes a call from Eric, who asks about Steffy and invites her to dinner. She hangs up and Thomas asks if the special man is someone he knows. She replies that he knows him quite well... Thomas is happy to hear it's Eric and tells Taylor he has the perfect dress for her to wear tonight.

Eric sets up a romantic dinner with candles and music as he awaits Taylor, and smiles up at Stephanie's portrait. She arrives, and he admires her 'Thomas Forrester original'. Taylor says it all seems so perfect. They embrace.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Taylor and Eric decide to move forward together.

Bill gives Steffy gifts for the baby.

Brooke goes to Eric after talking to Bill.

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