Simple Question.

Monday, February 25th, 2013

Hope asks Liam what he wants, Rick flirts with Maya, and Brooke faces off with Taylor and Steffy.

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In Liam's living room, he tells Hope the insta-wedding outside wasn't anything to do with him. Hope admits she started to think it was what he wanted. Liam doesn't know if there's any way to fix the damage and grief. Hope urges him to forget about fairness, and her and Steffy, and focus on what he wants. It's a simple question with a simple answer. Liam says as you get older it's more about the life you can live with, than the life you want. Hope says he shouldn't settle. Liam replies that it's about compromise. Hope says they can still have the life they wanted even though it's not the fairytale life now. Liam tells Hope that the man she sees when she looks at him would not walk away from a child he conceived in love. Hope grimaces.

In the bedroom, Hope and Taylor wonder what's going on in the living room. Steffy tells them she had to learn patience - why can't they? She says Brooke laid a trap for Liam. Brooke says Hope and Liam were tricked. Taylor tells her people make decisions based on bad information all the time - it's part of life! Brooke and Taylor argue about Ridge. Taylor accuses her of making her and her children a footnote in her romance with Ridge. Steffy says that's what Hope is doing now - she grew up seeing Brooke do it. She and Taylor suggest that Brooke is a tad obsessive about her daughter. Brooke says she wasn't trying to push Liam. Taylor says she definitely was, and should admit it. Brooke complains about the pregnancy reveal. Taylor wishes she'd listened to Eric and told Liam. Brooke is aghast that Taylor confided in Eric and accuses her of wanting his shares. Steffy and Taylor leave in exasperation. Liam and Hope are gone.

At Dayzee's, Rick chats with Maya. He flirts over a hard-boiled egg, inviting himself to join her on his break. Maya talks to him about herself. She was smart, talented, and popular in high school, but the competition was tough once in L.A. Rick says he'd hire her in a minute. They continue to banter and talk. She alludes to things not going her way. He says he likes his life - particularly the last 15 minutes. She grins. Rick asks if she'll come back again. Maya says it's possible.

Liam chases an upset Hope outside his house. He tells her he always pined for his dad. Liam says they should have been married but some things can't be undone. Hope says Steffy loves him, but no one will love him how she does. He kisses her and she goes.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Taylor and Bill do some bonding over the idea of sharing a grandchild.

Liam shares his decision.

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