She Was Loved.

Friday, February 15th, 2013

Maya comes to see Dayzee, Brooke makes plans, and Steffy and Liam talk.

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In her office at Forrester, Steffy tells Liam he's lucky to have her - maybe he'll remember that when he's ready to make his decision. She wants a wonderful life with a man who is committed to her. She hopes it will be him. Liam admits he was worried things would be awkward. Steffy says it will never be. He smiles - she always knows what he needs to hear. Steffy talks about all the moments that taught her what he needs, and what they need as a couple. She's willing to give him time, but doesn't see how he could be with anybody else. Liam assures her he'll decide very soon - he has to commit one way or another and end the uncertainty. Liam tells her he needs another day, but she should know he is who he is because of her. They embrace.

In another office, Hope recalls her wedding to Liam in Italy. Brooke sees her and smiles. She asks Hope about planning another wedding. Hope says eventually she'd like that. Brooke says the path is clear for her now that Steffy's moved out. Hope doesn't want to pressure him, but Brooke keeps insisting. Hope tells her to please back off and exits. The priest from Italy arrives. Brooke tells him they need to change their strategy - Hope's not being aggressive enough about this. The priest says he has a spotless marriage record and isn't about to let that change. Brooke says they just have to recreate the mindset from Italy - they'll do it today, as a surprise. The priest seems unsure, but Brooke's already got the set-up underway at Liam's house. "By the end of the day, Hope and Liam are going to be together."

At home, Dayzee laughs as Carter and Marcus banter. She returns to being downcast when she thinks about Maya, who hasn't called. Marcus reassures Dayzee that she did right by Maya's daughter. Dayzee's worried that Maya might try to build a case against her. Carter admits there's potential for trouble, but says he'll be there for her. He asks her about the fine print on the adoptions. She says she trusted the lawyer. Maya arrives and tells them she visited her little girl's family - they cried together and they told her stories. Dayzee cries as Maya talks about all the things she felt. She realized Dayzee put her in a good home. She thanks Dayzee, saying she had a good life; she was loved. They embrace.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Liam explains to Rick why he has issues with decision-making.

Brooke plans a wedding.

Steffy hears the baby's heartbeat.

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