Doing This Dance.

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

Taylor advises Steffy, Liam argues with Bill, and Brooke pushes Hope to go to Liam.

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At the loft, Steffy tells Taylor she is trying to do the right thing. Steffy realizes she wouldn't be happy always wondering if Liam wanted to be with someone else. Steffy says Liam knows neither she nor Hope could survive on scraps of love - that's why he's doing this. Taylor argues that he needs to know she's carrying his baby. Steffy can't forget what Taylor went through. Taylor says history doesn't have to repeat itself. Steffy won't let it happen to her - she will keep the pregnancy a secret. She asks Taylor if she told anyone. Tay admits she told Eric. Steffy believes he won't say anything. Taylor talks about how they've bonded over being honest. She suggests Steffy do the same. Steffy won't corner Liam. She cries that she was so excited to tell Liam she was pregnant, but Hope is a part of this now. Taylor protests. Once alone, Steffy recalls Liam saving her life.

At the Malibu house, Bill asks Liam if it feels good to him to be without Steffy. Liam says he has to figure this out. He can't be with Steffy or Hope until he does. Bill continues to rant about Steffy - what did she do to let him down? Liam says nothing, but he can't keep doing this dance - it's what Ridge put their mothers through when they grew up. Bill says Liam is confused because it's what happens when he lets Hope back in. Liam blames it on being manipulated. Bill says nothing he or Rick did changes what he's shared there with Steffy. Liam says he didn't have all the information, so what they did matters a lot. Bill informs him that nobody ever has all the information - that's why you have to trust your heart. Bill urges him to get Steffy back there before it's too late. If the thought of losing Steffy is making him feel sick inside, there's nothing left to think about. Liam decides to work after Bill leaves, and notices Steffy's work bag. He calls to tell her and see if she's okay. He says he hated asking her to leave, doesn't want to lose her, and loves her. He's just trying to right by everybody. She understands and loves him too. She hopes he makes the right decision. "Don't let us down."

At Forrester, Katie tells Brooke and Hope that Liam asked Steffy to leave because he needed space to think. Brooke feels he just wanted to get away from Steffy and urges Hope to get over there right now. Katie warns that Bill's over there pleading Steffy's case. They all discuss the situation. Katie thinks Liam needs time. She points out that Bill thinks that's a mistake - people should act on instinct. Hope doesn't feel Bill can say anything that will break the connection she shares with Liam. Katie comments on her confidence. Hope decides to wait until Liam calls to see her. Brooke and Katie tell her to go to him - don't waste another second.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Dayzee tells Marcus and Carter about what happened in the past with Maya.

Donna and Pam are concerned about Eric's decision involving Thomas.

Taylor informs Liam that he's making a mistake.

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