Good Time Girl.

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

Liam rocks Steffy, Hope argues with Thomas, and Brooke faces Taylor.

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At the Malibu house, Steffy tells Liam he has choices. She acknowledges trying to manipulate his choices in the beginning. Liam remarks on how far they've come. Steffy says she may be a good time girl, which doesn't mean thinking about the future, but she's ready for a commitment. Liam says he will never walk out of her life - no one gets him like she does. He'll always love her, but doesn't think they can live together anymore. She asks if he'll move Hope back in. He says no - it's not right to keep rebounding between them. Steffy tersely says she's leaving. He says he loves her and will call her tomorrow. She tells him to do what he has to - so will she.

At Forrester, Taylor tells Brooke that Steffy saw Hope with Liam before Paris. They go back and forth about the situation. Brooke wonders why Taylor makes it sound like a competition between them. They bicker about who belongs at Forrester. Taylor accuses Brooke of creating her own reality again. The conversation turns to rehashing their past. Taylor tells Brooke it was always Stephanie keeping Brooke at bay - she's never really dealt with her. Taylor says her kids won't be marignalized again. Brooke says she never once considered her an enemy. Taylor intones, "Well maybe you should start."

Thomas is with Eric at Forrester when Hope comes in. She throws her arms around him to congratulate him on becoming vice-president. Thomas is stand-offish. Hope reminds him they had more than a working relationship at one time. Thomas calls her out on acting differently to someone's face than behind their back. Eric exits. Thomas tells Hope she's changed - no sooner had his sister left for Paris than she was throwing herself at Liam. Hope says she has changed - and thank God - she's been a puppet for years. Thomas replies that it seems to him, being lied to is what growing up is all about. They bicker about the company. Brooke enters and says Hope has every right to feel slighted. Thomas makes his position clear - he's prepared to earn what he gets. Once alone, Hope tells Brooke the office doesn't feel like a safe place without Ridge and Stephanie. Brooke says it's just work and asks if Liam called. Hope says no, but she believes in him.

Eric joins Taylor in his office and she tells him Brooke is pushing Hope to pursue Liam and they argued. She shrugs that it doesn't matter because Steffy is telling Liam right now and they'll be together starting their family. Eric agrees - everything will be different in the morning. He chastises Taylor for being harsh. She says she knows now she must fight for what she wants.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

When Liam and Bill get into it over Steffy and Hope, Katie referees.

Taylor thinks Steffy should come clean to Liam.

Brooke tells Hope to think positive.

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