Learning From The Past.

Monday, February 4th, 2013

Steffy and Liam talk, Brooke and Taylor argue, and Bill and Katie make love.

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At the Malibu house, Liam tells Steffy he's glad she's back. She explains that Ridge needed her support and probably won't be back anytime soon. They discuss Hope and Liam having had their time together. Steffy's ready to start their life together now - if he's ready to let go of what could have been. Liam rehashes everything and says Steffy was brave to leave when she did. Steffy admits she saw him with Hope before she left. He can't believe she's not screaming at him. Steffy explains she had to trust he'd work through his feelings and put Hope behind him forever. Steffy tells him if he wants to be with Hope, he shouldn't waste anymore of her time. She marvels that he fell for the daughters of Brooke and Taylor, and reiterates she won't repeat their pattern. She plans on learning from the past. Liam says he and Hope would be married if not for the lies, but everything he's shared with Steffy - he doesn't doubt for a moment they could have a happy life together. Steffy says they need to know. He feels there's only one decision he can make...

In Eric's office, Taylor tells him how great Steffy looks - this baby changes everything for her. Eric asks if Steffy is telling Liam the good news. Taylor thinks so, but tells Eric about Steffy seeing Hope and Liam kissing before she left. She says she handled it maturely by giving him time to get Hope out of his system. Eric says he'll act surprised when Steffy makes her big announcement. He's glad she and her children are feeling like winners again. They embrace.

At Forrester, Hope looks at the phone and says, "Call me." Brooke arrives. Hope tells her Steffy's back. Brooke reassures her. She says Liam needs to act now and honor the commitment he made to Hope. They are saying that Steffy is someone to grab a beer with, when Taylor enters. She warns them that Steffy's with Liam now and things may not turn out like they think. Hope goes, and Brooke and Taylor argue about who Liam cares for more. Taylor warns Brooke to prepare her daughter.

Katie greets Bill in their bedroom in a sexy nightdress. He pulls her onto the bed. After they make love, Bill tells Katie that Steffy is heading over to Liam's as they speak. Katie reminds Bill that the decision is clearly up to Liam.

Hope leaves a note in Steffy's office about what she missed with Hope For The Future. She muses to herself that Steffy won't want to catch up with her.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Liam's request shocks Steffy.

Taylor lets out her years of built up resentment toward Brooke.

Hope is stunned by Thomas' words.

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