It's Moving Day.

Friday, February 1st, 2013

Steffy learns of Thomas' promotion, Hope talks to Rick about Liam, and Brooke pressures Liam.

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At Forrester, Taylor tells Steffy about Thomas' promotion to Vice-President and that Hope is still pursuing Liam. They discuss Liam. Taylor reminds her she's carrying his baby. Steffy doesn't want him staying with her because she's pregnant. Taylor says they're already living together, and asks if Liam's been pulling away. Steffy says no, Liam loves her, and she's counting on that. Taylor questions why she's not more excited. Steffy tells her before she left for Paris, she went home and saw Liam and Hope making out in the bed. Taylor can't believe she still went to Paris - why hand Hope that opportunity. Steffy says she wanted him to get Hope out of his system if they're to raise a child together. The child should not be the only reason they stay together - she has to know he feels the same as she does. Steffy's certain they'll be a family. They share a moment over Taylor becoming a grandmother and Steffy a mother. Steffy wants to be married before giving birth.

In Rick's office, he tells Hope that Thomas being promoted to Vice-President was his father's bad idea. Hope complains that now they'll have sister and brother to deal with. She then grins. "It's moving day." She explains that Steffy's coming back and she's hoping Liam will tell her to move out. They speculate on whether he will, and Rick asks how things are going between them. Hope says she's confident about how Liam feels about her, but it's not a slam dunk. Rick tells her he still regrets his part in messing up her and Liam. She warns him never to interfere in her life again. He learned his lesson and hopes everything works out. Hope says what Steffy has to offer doesn't compare to what she can. Rick asks if there will be another epic wedding. Hope feels she couldn't top Italy. She talks about how much Liam loved her and how he looked at her there - and still does.

At home, Liam tells Brooke that she and Taylor have both raised amazing women. Brooke sniffs that Steffy will make some man very happy one day, but Hope was always his first choice. Liam says she has an awesome daughter. Brooke urges him not to string Steffy along. Liam thinks Brooke should get going. Brooke ignores him and talks about how great it was in Italy with the memories and the kites. Brooke's phone rings. She tells Liam to go outside and relax. She tells the person on the phone he's outside. Kites fly overhead. He smiles. Steffy calls out. "I'm home!" He comes in and they smile at each other.

Spoilers for Next Week of The Bold and the Beautiful:

Liam receives an ultimatum from Steffy.

Liam asks Steffy to give him space and to move out.

Steffy refuses to tell Liam about the pregnancy despite Taylor's urging.

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