Game On.

Thursday, December 27th, 2012

Caroline worries about Bill, Bill and Katie discuss New Year's, and word spreads about Rick coming clean.

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Outside at Forrester, Caroline thinks about Bill questioning her loyalty and judgment. She remembers him asking her to take some time before telling Liam anything. She tries to call him at the office.

At home, Hope recalls Rick's confession and her meeting with Liam. Brooke enters and asks what happened with Liam. Hope says Liam was stunned by the truth and that she kissed him. She admits Liam didn't encourage it, but she could tell something was still between them. Hope says she'll focus her energy on getting Liam back. She wishes repeatedly that she had believed Liam over Rick, but says that's behind her now.

In the bedroom in Malibu, Liam remembers Hope asking his forgiveness. Steffy appears and asks if something's bothering him. He tells her about Rick's lie to Hope. Steffy asks how he found out. He says Hope told him - apparently Caroline convinced Rick to confess. Liam tells her about Hope running at him, saying she never should have doubted him, and then kissing him. Liam tells Steffy, "Hope lost faith in me, and you never did." He assures Steffy that nothing has changed. They kiss.

In his living room, Bill remembers kissing Brooke. Katie appears, and they joke about Will's upbringing and discuss New Year's Eve. Katie wants to be alone with a bottle of champagne. Bill smiles. "Sold." Katie goes to check on Will and Brooke calls Bill to meet her. Bill tells Katie it's business and leaves. Caroline arrives and tells Katie about Rick's lie and how she convinced him to confess to Hope. Katie realizes Bill will be furious.

Bill meets Brooke in her cabin. Bill is agitated to learn that Rick confessed his lie to Hope and tells Brooke that Hope is wrong for his son. Brooke says Caroline is the one who convinced Rick to talk. Bill rants about her being a traitor to her own family.

Hope opens the door to Steffy, who says she knows about Rick's lie and wonders what Hope plans to do about it. Hope's not surprised that Liam told Steffy and makes a crack about them living together unmarried. Hope says she's determined to win him back. Steffy isn't concerned - she and Liam are together and happy. Hope hints that she's changing her ways and says she won't put up with manipulations anymore. "Game on." Steffy warns her to respect their relationship and not to interfere in their lives.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Bill and Caroline face-off when he feels betrayed.

Hope approaches Liam about the future.

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