I'll Be Home For Christmas.

Wednesday, December 26th, 2012

Eric takes in a performance by Celtic Woman, Stephanie's loved ones gather, and the Spencers hold a holiday dinner.

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At home, Bill feeds Will a bottle and chats away to him about Santa. Katie asks if he told Liam when they'd eat. He says, "After Karen and Danielle get here." Bill tells Katie about his conversation with 'Him' when he thought he was going to lose her. She kisses Will and says He came through for all of them.

At the Forrester house, Kristen, Tony, and Felicia have returned to join Rick, Caroline, Brooke, Thorne, and Pam for Christmas. Pam rushes in, excited that she just saw the bluebird - it was Stephanie! She said she's return as a bluebird! They all say they believe her. Marcus and Dayzee arrive with Donna. Pam tells them that Eric isn't going to be with them tonight - he wanted to be alone. Rick thinks it's a bad idea. Thorne asks, "Where is he?" Pam refuses to say, so Thorne starts throwing her lemon bars against the wall. Pam breaks.

Eric arrives at a venue wearing a suit and enters a private area. Eric pours two martinis from a shaker, picks one up, and intones, "Merry Christmas, my love." Celtic Woman takes the stage below and Eric turns to watch them perform "I'll Be Home For Christmas" while remembering happy times with Stephanie. All those who had gathered at the Forrester mansion file in behind him. Eric realizes they're there. Felicia kisses him, Pam asks him not to hate her, and Brooke says they didn't want him to be alone. He says he wasn't. Felicia tells him they miss her. "Don't make us miss you too." Eric says they all got there just in time. A tear runs down his cheek. They all sing along to "White Christmas." Eric gives Pam a hug.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Steffy tells Hope she doesn't want her near Liam.

Brooke requests a private meeting with Bill.

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