Scoring Points.

Monday, December 24th, 2012

Hope gives Liam an explanation, Eric struggles with the holidays, and Rick impresses Caroline.

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At Bill's place out back, Liam asks Hope why she kissed him. She says she'll never doubt him again. Hope explains that Othello and Rick lied about him kissing Steffy in the nightclub - now she knows the truth. Liam's upset about what Rick did. Hope says he's done nothing that can't be fixed. She asks Liam to forgive her and kisses him again.

Steffy arrives in Thomas' office at Forrester talking about Liam. Thomas grumpily says he and Taylor have been concentrating on work. Steffy assures him she's not concerned about competing against Rick and Hope in anything. Taylor clucks about Stephanie's wishes standing. Thomas steps out. She tells Steffy they'll win the competition and she and her brother will be back on top where they belong. Taylor is glad to see Steffy happy. She's glad Liam's back - Christmas would have been tough enough with Stephanie gone. They worry about Christmas at the Forrester mansion. Taylor says they should help at the shelter in memory of Stephanie. Steffy confides that she's having a Christmas miracle - finding her way back to Liam has given her a sense of peace and confidence.

At the Forrester mansion, Eric pulls Christmas decorations out of a box and moseys over to the piano. He looks dejectedly at a photo of him and Stephanie. Pam appears. He thanks her for cooking pot roast and helping with decorations. He asks if she did what he wanted. She protests that it's Christmas Eve, he can't... Rick appears with Caroline and interrupts. Pam invites them to stay for dinner. Eric says it's not necessary. Rick reminds him it's okay to lean on family. Caroline and Rick leave to 'brainstorm'. They're looking forward to a traditional Forrester celebration tomorrow - just like Stephanie would want. After, Pam chides Eric - everyone is expecting him to be here tomorrow. Eric doesn't want to hear about it. She implores, "Don't do it!" He says it's what he wants.

In the guesthouse, Caroline tells Rick they should actually do some work. Rick is 'scoring points' with her by being a good son and brother lately. Rick says she's good for him. He takes her tablet away and they kiss. Rick talks about reestablishing trust with Hope and the weight being lifted off him. He credits Caroline. They kiss.

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