Made My Spencer Senses Tingle.

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

Taylor gets Steffy's advice, Bill talks to Justin, and Katie is shocked by Taylor's words.

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At Bill's house, Taylor gapes as she listens to Brooke tell him they have to forget the kiss happened. Taylor returns to Katie, who takes in Taylor's tense expression and asks if everything's okay. Still in the hallway, Bill talks to Brooke about all the things they shared. Brooke says it can never happen again. Bill says it won't, but he also can't forget it. In the living room, Taylor rambles to Katie that she cares about her and doesn't want to see her blindsided. She is about to 'talk to her about something' when Donna bursts in with gifts for Will. Brooke and Bill reappear. Bill tells Katie he's going to the office and walks Taylor out. Inside, Katie talks to her sisters about how distorted her thinking was when she was depressed. Brooke says Bill missed her terribly. Katie thanks her for stepping up - especially since Bill wasn't her favorite person. They laugh about her seeing Bill in a new light and understanding why Katie married him. Katie tells Brooke she's her best friend and would never let her down. Brooke warns not to paint a halo on her. Katie goes on about the care she gave Will when she couldn't and tears up. Katie's glad the worst is over and there's no damage. Brooke has tears as they embrace.

Outside, Bill thanks Taylor for getting Katie back to them. She muses that it sounds like he loves his wife. He says of course he does - she's his whole world. She gives him a dirty look and replies, "Good. I'm glad."

At the office, Bill complains to Justin that Taylor is overstepping and involving herself in personal matters. Bill tells Justin about Katie trying to bring him and Brooke together. Justin thinks that's messed up and asks if it worked. Bill admits they got closer. They talk about Taylor noticing the bond between him and Brooke. Bill's glad he doesn't have to spell things out for his 'shiny head friend'. After, Bill calls Brooke and says he got a strange vibe from Taylor that made his Spencer senses tingle. Brooke reassures him.

Taylor joins Steffy at Forrester and they discuss the competition. Taylor then asks Steffy's opinion on sharing potentially hurtful information. She talks about a fragile patient, who could suffer a setback or even medical complications if she talks. Steffy tells her to trust her convictions.

Taylor returns to Katie's house. Katie talks about trying to bring Brooke and Bill together - thankfully she chose two people who would never go there. Taylor says that's not true. She tells Katie that Brooke and Bill are much more than friends - they kissed.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Brooke and Bill acknowledge their new closeness.

Taylor wants Katie to look for the truth.

Bill is asked to stay away from Brooke by Taylor, out of concern for Katie.

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