The New CEO Of Forrester Will Be...

Friday, December 7th, 2012

Liam's sent on a trip, Caroline blurts the truth, and a video of Stephanie is found.

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At Forrester, Taylor tells Thomas this is his birthright, and urges him not to listen to the Logans. Thomas says with him as CEO they'll be leaders again. Outside the door, Eric sends Pam to Stephanie's safe deposit box and tells her to bring the contents to him right away.

Eric joins Rick, Hope, and Brooke in Rick's office where they dish about what Thomas' meeting will be about. Rick says Thomas will be making demands. Brooke wonders if they can stop him. They join Thomas and Taylor. Thomas says Steffy will be late and then announces that Stephanie's shares are officially his, so he will be implementing changes.

In Liam's office, Caroline faces Steffy and Liam. Bill busts in and tells Liam he has to pack for a business trip. Bill challenges Caroline to say what she came to say. Caroline tells Liam that Hope still loves him and walks out. Steffy tells Liam she has to go to a meeting and will miss him. Bill steps out. Liam asks Steffy to come with him. She can't. He assures her what Caroline said doesn't change a thing. Liam goes to see Bill before leaving. Bill suggests he tell Caroline not to talk to him about Hope. Liam says it's all good - being with Steffy feels right. After, Liam thinks about Hope.

Othello arrives at Forrester and finds Marcus, who says Rick's in a meeting. Caroline arrives and introductions are made. She asks to talk to him. Marcus takes off. She tells Othello she knows about the lie. Relieved, he says he can't keep the secret any longer. They agree Hope and Liam need to know.

Steffy arrives at Forrester, and Pam sends her into the meeting with the contents of the safety deposit box for Eric. Thomas says he'll make changes with or without approval. Eric tells Rick he can't do anything - it's their company now. Bickering ensues about Thomas not taking anyone's advice. Eric finds a video from Stephanie and asks Thomas to play it. It's Stephanie telling Eric to watch with the family. She says she had the lawyers found a loophole in the Forrester corporation papers which gives her authority to appoint a successor - a permanent CEO. She begins, "The new CEO of Forrester Creations will be..." and has a coughing fit.

Caroline returns to Liam's office at Spencer and blurts out the truth about Bill bringing Deacon to Italy and about Rick and Othello's lie. She apologizes profusely to the back of his chair.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Stephanie's amended will causes pandemonium.

Caroline tells something to the wrong individual.

Thomas seeks legal counsel.

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