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Thursday, December 6th, 2012

Thomas realizes he's in control, Brooke and Rick talk, and Caroline grills Hope.

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At Forrester, Taylor and Thomas listen to a man who says Thomas gets Stephanie's 25% upon her demise. Taylor asks, "You know what this means, right? Thomas says he's the majority shareholder. Taylor beams, "You control the future of Forrester Creations." Thomas boasts that he doesn't need anyone's permission to move the company forward and calls Madison to get Rick in there.

In Rick's office, he tells Brooke he's on the fence about coming clean to Liam and Hope. Brooke says sometimes trying to fix things makes things worse. Rick complains that Bill bribed an official. They talk about Caroline. Rick says they're a real team and mentions wanting to get Thomas out of the CEO chair. Brooke tells him Stephanie left him her 25%. Rick rants that Thomas will run the company into the ground. Brooke agrees. Madison appears and tells Rick to go see Thomas now.

Outside at Forrester, Hope joins Caroline. They talk about how happy Caroline and Rick are together. Caroline asks about Liam - if she had the chance, would she take him back? Hope says she gave him to Steffy. Caroline asks if she still loves him. Hope wonders if it matters - it didn't work out over and over. Caroline says she doesn't believe Liam betrayed her. Hope wonders where all this is coming from. Caroline tells Hope she's a good person who deserves what makes her happy. Hope says it wasn't outside forces that kept them apart - it was Liam's deep feelings for Steffy. She says one day she's waiting for the day she'll wake up not in pain over losing him.

Steffy joins Liam in his office as he finishes up a meeting. She says watching him in action gets her hot and bothered. He decides she should sit in on all his meetings. They kiss, and then chat about Thomas getting resistance to his ideas at Forrester. Steffy muses about the rivalry between Taylor and Brooke's kids. She says she wouldn't want Thomas's job - she wants to enjoy her life. They fool around and joke. Caroline appears. She tells Liam there's something he needs to know.

Rick and Brooke join Taylor and Thomas in the other office. Brooke wonders why Taylor didn't go with Thorne to see Ridge. Taylor says they're just friends. Thomas announces that there will be changes - starting today. Bickering ensues. Thomas grins as he tells Brooke and Rick he can do whatever he wants now. Rick walks out. Brooke tells Taylor they won't let her son take over the family business - they will challenge it. Taylor tells her to accept that Thomas and Steffy are the company's future.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Eric and Rick put their heads together to figure out how to stop Thomas.

Liam reacts to what Caroline tells him about Hope.

Two people at Forrester receive an ultimatum from Thomas.

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