Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

Hope expresses her feelings, Caroline and Rick talk to Brooke, and Bill faces off with Rick.

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Caroline and Rick admire each other after sex at her place. They kiss and Caroline tells him Liam and Hope will be able to feel this good too - after they tell her the truth.

At Brooke's house, she and Hope wonder where Rick has got to, and Hope smiles that he's been so big-brotherly lately. They talk about how Hope's still missing Liam. Steffy calls and Hope leaves to meet her. Rick and Caroline arrive and tell Brooke they had wanted to see Hope about Liam and Bill. Brooke is upset to hear that Rick convinced Othello to lie. Caroline reveals that Bill brought Deacon to Italy. Rick is stunned that Brooke and Donna already knew. Caroline wonders if Liam would still want to be with Steffy if he knew all this. Brooke warns Liam may never forgive his father. Caroline still thinks Bill should be accountable.

At Spencer, Bill and Liam talk business. After, Liam tells Bill though he disliked his meddling, he has to admit he was right about Steffy. He adds that he and Hope weren't meant to be. Bill says Steffy's good for him. Liam tells him his support means a lot. Bill refers to Hope as a mistake and Liam warns Bill he's not totally done sorting through his feelings about her. Talk turns to Katie. Bill says they're sorting through what happened. Bill takes a call from Caroline summoning him to Brooke's.

At Forrester, Hope complains to Steffy that she's lost her credibility at work. Steffy suggests it could be a good thing - she could change up her campaign. Hope warns she's not going to forget about Liam - she's still in love with him. Steffy knows how she feels. Hope says she probably does - she's been there. Steffy asks about Hope moving on. Hope says so many strange things happened, and she hopes Liam's happy with Steffy, but honestly, she still believes they belong together. Liam arrives. Hope gazes at him. Steffy's called away. Hope says it still hurts to see him with Steffy. "I love you; I will always love you. I just wish things were different between us." Liam agrees.

Brooke lets Bill into the house. Caroline tells him what she overheard. Brooke says there's something else. Rick tells Bill he doesn't like Liam - he's not good enough for Hope. Bill counters that Hope's not good enough for his son - and he doesn't like Rick. Rick confesses about Othello and the lie. Caroline says Liam and Hope need to know the truth.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Bill comes clean with his niece.

Brooke finds herself stuck between Caroline and Bill.

Hope is frank with Liam.

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