So Many Memories.

Friday, November 30th, 2012

Hope and Liam recall Italy, Taylor visits Brooke, and Steffy questions Bill.

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On Bill's terrace, Liam asks Caroline and Rick what he needs to know. The doorbell rings - it's Hope. She asks Liam if she can see Katie. Liam says she's napping, but she can wait. Rick and Caroline watch Hope and Liam talking. He urges Caroline to let this go - Liam and Steffy are happy and everyone's moved on. They go inside. Liam asks what they were going to tell him. Rick blurts that they wanted to ask him to dinner. He and Caroline leave. Liam talks to Hope about how great Brooke was with Will. They laugh over Liam and Will having the same name. He's happy to see her smile. They recall Hope buying Will a Christmas ornament in Italy. "So many memories."

Upstairs in Bill's house, Steffy talks to Bill while Katie's napping with Will. She asks if he's happy. Bill questions her tone. Steffy says she saw how close he and Brooke were in Aspen. Bill wonders if she has a question. She asks for the truth, "Did anything happen between you and Brooke?" Bill acts tense and puts an end to the conversation. Steffy goes downstairs and greets Hope and Liam. Hope asks them to tell Katie she was there and takes off. Liam tells Steffy it's still awkward. Hope returns for her phone and sees them necking on the sofa.

Taylor drops in on Brooke, who apologizes for slapping her - though she did deserve it. Taylor say, "Half-hearted apology accepted." Taylor says she came to thank her for stepping up while Katie was away. Brooke thanks Taylor for being there for Katie and not giving up. Taylor brings up Ridge and asks how Brooke will move on with her future. Brooke is sorry she's been smug to her in the past. Taylor gives her tips on learning to be alone, and then brings up Bill. She tells Brooke that Katie was orchestrating bringing her and Bill together as a couple. Taylor says they didn't seem happy to see Katie. Brooke resents that. Taylor wonders if anything happened between them - she doesn't want to see Katie go through that. She leaves. Brooke is thinking about Bill when he shows up at the door. He tells her he can't stand the thought of the Big Bear kiss being their last. He kisses her passionately.

Caroline and Rick arrive at her place arguing about Hope and Liam deserving to know the truth. Rick sighs that there is a lot of history she doesn't know. Caroline thinks maybe if they knew, they would work things out. She tells Rick he owes Hope this. Rick kisses her - they won't figure this out today.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Brooke's dream leaves her shook-up.

Brooke must make a decision.

Steffy and Hope get personal during a work meeting.

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