Together At The End.

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

Brooke cares for Stephanie, Eric joins the meeting, and Katie's in the hospital.

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At the cabin, Stephanie warns Brooke, "No tears." Stephanie says it was important for Eric to go to Forrester - she doesn't want him to be irrelevant. Brooke makes Stephanie comfortable and they recall how much has happened in the cabin, and the journey they've taken. Stephanie muses, "Here we are together at the end." Brooke swabs her dry lips and they snuggle. Stephanie dozes and then Brooke brushes her hair and puts a brooch on her. Stephanie's condition worsens and she coughs up blood. Brooke comforts her.

In the Forrester boardroom, Steffy tells Thomas she moved back in with Liam and promises to support him in the meeting. Across the room, Caroline, Thorne, and Rick discuss Eric coming. Rick says they have to do things the Forrester way, not the Thomas way. Eric arrives and Pam asks him about Stephanie. Eric says she insisted he be there and didn't want to be a burden to Pam. The board meeting gets underway and arguing ensues about Thomas' agenda. Rick reminds him he's only interim CEO. Steffy and Marcus support the idea of change. Rick says his vision isn't what the company stands for. Eric joins them and cautions Thomas against impulsive decision-making. Rick and Thomas argue their points. Eric tells Thomas his job as interim CEO is to maintain the status quo.

At Katie's place, she hollers at Taylor to leave her alone and says her heart feels like it's going to explode. Taylor wants to call an ambulance. Katie wants to die there. Taylor takes her to the hospital.

Dr. Meade meets Taylor and Katie at the hospital. Katie can't breathe. They get her into a bed and monitor her. Taylor thinks it could be anxiety related and reassures Katie she's not going to die. Katie insists she's dying and starts ripping the monitors off. She screams for them to leave her alone.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautful:

As Katie loses her grip on reality, Taylor gets tough.

Stephanie and Brooke remember old times.

Thomas works to get those at Forrester Creations on board with his vision.

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