One In A Million.

Monday, November 19th, 2012

Eric is called away, Taylor appeals to Katie, and Steffy gives Liam her answer.

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At the Malibu house, Steffy tells Liam she wasn't expecting him to ask her to move back in so soon. Liam chuckles at her being taken off guard and asks her what she thinks about the idea. Steffy tells him she'll move back in but she'll also keep her place in case they need space or a place in town. She doesn't want to move too fast, and suggests they keep things spontaneous. They cuddle and kiss, and then go into the bedroom to make love.

In the cabin, Eric gets a frantic call from Rick telling him Thomas is about to put his new agenda to a vote and he needs him there. Eric tells him to put it off somehow and hangs up. Stephanie tells Eric he should be there, but he won't leave her. Stephanie insists that he go, and asks him to call Brooke to come stay with her.

At Katie's place, Taylor tells her Will needs her. Katie rants that she can't allow her child to get attached to her - she's got a year at best; that's her reality. Katie gets increasingly worked up and orders Taylor to leave. She threatens to go far away for good if Taylor tells anyone where to find her. Katie wants God to take her - she's ready!

At Bill's house, Brooke takes in Bill's nude state and quips, "Put your towel on, stallion." Bill tells her she's one in a million. Brooke says he is too. Her phone rings - it's Eric. Brooke agrees to go to Big Bear.

At Forrester, Rick tells Pam he called Eric to come - he had to do something about Thomas. Pam asks about Stephanie. Rick says his mom will be with her. Pam seems hurt.

Eric prepares to leave the cabin, and Stephanie looks at photos of Ridge. She tells Eric he's strong and good, just like him. Eric says Ridge was maybe her greatest gift to him. Stephanie thinks back to her last talk with Brooke. Eric dons his suit and tells Stephanie he adores her, and is tortured that she's leaving him, but is grateful for their time together. "I love you so much." Brooke arrives. Eric tells her Stephanie's not good, but she wants him to go, and wants to be with Brooke. He says he'll be as quick as he can. Stephanie smiles at Brooke. Eric tells her to keep her Irish eyes smiling, kisses her deeply, and goes. Stephanie tells Brooke, "I'm happy you're here. Brooke is too.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Katie lands in the hospital.

Brooke spends time with Stephanie.

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