An Animal Ready To Pounce.

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

Brooke and Taylor face-off, Caroline stops Thomas, and Rick and Hope talk.

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Bill wakes Brooke on his sofa. Taylor arrives and tells Bill she saw Katie but doesn't know where she's staying. She mentions post-partum depression. Bill doesn't care about the fancy labels, he says Katie needs to be there to work on the problems. Taylor tells him she's concerned about the amount of time he's spending alone with Brooke - he has to be careful. Brooke appears and asks what on earth she's saying to Bill. Taylor explains that Katie has an agenda - she thinks someone needs to take her place. Bill advises Taylor to tell Katie to come home. Brooke adds, "And don't you dare tell her to race home to save her husband from me." Taylor accuses Brooke of talking to Bill like they're a couple and tells her to leave him alone. Brooke says she didn't steal Ridge from her, and she's not about to steal her sister's husband. She tells Taylor she needs to examine herself. Taylor insists that something is happening between them. Brooke denies it. They argue. Taylor says she's seen it all before - Brooke's like an animal ready to pounce. Brooke smacks her.

In the Forrester office, Thomas runs his hands down Caroline's arms. She pulls back and says he can't do that anymore. She explains that dating the boss isn't a good idea, even if she were available. Thomas says she and Rick weren't exclusive. She muses that things have changed. Thomas says he's too busy to date right now anyway, and reassures her about her line and the donation to her foundation.

Outside at Forrester, Hope and Rick discuss Ridge not coming to the party. Rick says he gave the company to someone with no experience - why would he do the right thing now. Rick tells Hope that he and Caroline exchanged 'I love yous' last night. Hope smiles, but then talks about Deacon and Liam both being gone, and the situation with Katie. Hope says she's glad Brooke is there for Will. She wishes she had something to do to keep busy. Rick tells her that they're going to put Hope For The Future back on the map. They discuss Hope's 'wounded heart'. She tells Rick he shouldn't feel responsible, and thanks him for telling her the truth about Liam at the nightclub. Caroline appears. Hope leaves. Rick tells Caroline he hasn't told Hope yet - he doesn't want her beating a path back to someone who will just hurt her. Caroline tells Rick she told Thomas about them. They kiss. Later, Thomas appears and mentions Caroline to Rick before asking him to run anything by him regarding Hope For The Future. He plans to raise the company higher than it's ever been. Rick smirks.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Katie, who's been in disguise, reveals herself.

Brooke continues to see the caring side of Bill.

Steffy is invited to move back into Liam's home in Malibu.

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