He Doesn't Deserve Her.

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

Bill supports Brooke, Katie argues with Taylor, and Eric takes Stephanie to Big Bear.

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At Bill's house, Brooke is distracted. She tells Bill she will never see Stephanie again. Bill reassures her. They discuss Ridge's no-show. Bill says he let down both Brooke and Stephanie. Brooke wonders if he's met somebody else. Bill says Ridge will never love another woman the way he loves her. Brooke says she thought they'd be together forever - like Eric and Stephanie. Brooke thinks back on her relationship with Stephanie. Bill notes she's exhausted and tells her to stay. She dozes off on the sofa. Bill covers her and turns out the light.

Taylor is startled to come home and find Katie waiting in her house - her key still works. Katie asks what happened at the party - are Ridge and Brooke back together? Taylor tries to change the subject. Katie realizes that Ridge didn't show up and there was no reunion. Taylor says it doesn't mean they won't get back together. Katie says Ridge doesn't deserve her. Taylor advises Katie to go home and mentions depression. Katie snaps at her and tells Taylor to stop fighting her on this. She leaves.

In the car, Stephanie coughs a little and talks about just wanting to be at the cabin. They bicker a little about him going against her wishes at the party. Eric says she has to admit it was wonderful. She uses her oxygen mask and dozes off. When she awakens, Eric asks if the party was too much. She says it was great - the champagne, music, everyone doing the Irish jig; it was terrific. Eric says she's terrific - the beautiful Irish lass he fell in love with. They talk about their marriage not being perfect. She coughs more and uses the mask again. He offers to pull over. She says she just wants to get to the cabin, and then talks more about the great party. Eric says he's sorry Ridge wasn't there. Stephanie reveals she didn't expect him - she called and talked to him after receiving her diagnosis. She says they had a really nice talk before he left for the honeymoon and that's what she wanted him to remember. Eric can't believe Ridge agreed not to come. They arrive, and Eric settles Stephanie in the cabin. She grimaces and coughs. Eric gets wood. Stephanie looks at a photo of them kissing. Once the fire's blazing, Eric joins Stephanie, who has donned his pajamas. They chuckle. He tells her she's brave, and she thanks him for being so strong for her. Eric sings to her as they cuddle.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Rick fills Hope in on the depth of his feelings for Caroline.

Taylor gives Bill advice about his marriage to Katie.

Thomas makes an unappreciated move on Caroline.

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