All Those Sad Faces.

Friday, October 12th, 2012

Brooke mends fences, Hope and Liam talk, and Stephanie gets some bad news.

All Those Sad Faces. image

At Katie and Bill’s place, Brooke demands to know what Bill did. He thought Liam needed his help and got Deacon out of jail. He flew him to Italy hoping to derail the wedding. She rages on Bill – he doesn’t even know what he has done! Katie walks in and worries how she will manage if Bill is in jail. Bill assures them sending him away will not help anyone. Besides, Donna just saw Steffy and Liam having sex and Brooke is the only one who thinks Hope and Liam still have a chance. Brooke won’t go to the police as much as he deserves it because her sister and baby are important to her. Brooke knows how frustrated Katie is with Bill, but she has to put that aside. Brooke can be angry with Bill, but Katie has to be there for her baby. Katie is not sure she can do it, but Brooke wants her to enjoy her newborn and focus on being a mother. Bill is not the most important person in this house, Will is, so dig deep and work together to be loving, devoted parents. Alone with Bill, Katie holds out her hand to him through tears and he takes it. Brooke returns with the baby and they stand together as a family.

Hope runs into Liam as she leaves the house. He is dropping off some of her things and she invites him in. She knows he is back with Steffy and while she isn’t okay now, she will be. She wonders if they have set a wedding date, but he assures her they are taking it very slow. He was ready to be her husband. She agrees that he wanted to, but was just not able to. She just wants him to be happy and it seems he is with Steffy. He thinks things would have worked out with them if he had not gone to the club. Hope reminds him there is always an "if" with them. She will always love him but it is clear they should not be together. Hope breaks down in tears he leaves. Outside, Liam seems torn.


Eric and Stephanie wait for her test results at the doctor’s office. Her doctor has ordered a scan to cover all bases. The blood tests indicate elevated tumor markers. Her cancer has returned and spread. It doesn’t look good. Alone, Stephanie asks Eric to keep it a secret. She needs some time and does not want to deal with people concerned about her dying. He agrees and will be with her every step of the way.

Spoilers for Monday on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Brooke wants Ridge to come back and give her another chance.

Thomas enjoys showing off his power at Forrester.

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