Nothing But A Decoy.

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

Bill deals with Deacon, Stephanie reassures Brooke, and Donna and Katie talk.

Nothing But A Decoy. image

Brooke wakes up on her sofa when Stephanie lets herself in. They discuss Ridge. Stephanie suggests Brooke accept the idea that her life has changed, though Ridge will return. Brooke explains why she was texting Deacon - to try and protect Hope. Stephanie says it was her lying again - it's all about trust. Brooke concedes the point. Stephanie assures Brooke she's surrounded by people who love her and then has a coughing fit. Stephanie tells her they've created each other. "I wouldn't be me without you." Brooke cries and asks her not to go. They talk about Brooke moving forward. Stephanie says she looked down that void before - the last time, Brooke pulled her out of it. Stephanie reassures her, saying it's far from over.

At Katie's place, she fills Donna in on Brooke's situation. Donna can't imagine what her poor sister's going through. Donna blames Bill for getting Deacon out of jail in the first place. Katie says Deacon would have contacted Brooke at some point anyway. Donna wonders, "Who is Brooke without Ridge?" Katie's worried about her. Donna then questions Katie not seeming happy. Katie says she'll be okay. She wonders if they should tell Brooke that Bill got Deacon out of jail. They agree to let it be - what good can it do now that Liam is back with Steffy? Katie hopes Deacon stays far away. Donna worries that Katie has the baby blues. Katie cries. Donna comforts her and goes to the baby.


Bill shows Alison photos of Will in his office. She asks about Katie. He tells her how seeing Deacon in the office sent Katie into labor. Suddenly, Deacon appears with flowers for Alison. He says he's on his way down to HR to fill out the paperwork for the job Bill is giving him. Bill has Alison take the flowers and leave. Deacon tells Bill he started this - he got him involved with his daughter. Bill says Deacon was nothing but a decoy - only Hope would take him for the real thing. Bill says if Hope really knew him, she'd despise him. Deacon muses they could say the same about Liam and Bill. Deacon has no intention of letting his connection with Hope go. He asks again for a job - perhaps as Alison's assistant. Bill grumbles that this will be the last time he sets foot in the building, and issues a thinly-veiled death threat. Deacon chuckles that they don't like each other very much. Bill gives him thirty seconds to get out. Deacon says he hasn't seen the last of him.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Stephanie is asked to keep a secret for Brooke.

Steffy feels awkward when Hope asks her questions about Liam.

Bill wants Brooke's help to deal with a situation.

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