Idiot Son.

Monday, October 8th, 2012

Rick is rescued from the bushes, Brooke opens up to Katie, and Stephanie and Eric discuss Ridge.

Idiot Son. image

At Katie's house, Brooke is having a panic attack. Katie soothes her and asks what happened between her and Ridge. Brooke says they were more in love than ever and then everything changed. Katie asks what happened. Brooke tells Katie she'd been texting Deacon - begging him to stay away from Hope, but when Ridge asked if they'd had contact, she said no. He immediately knew she was lying and freaked out - her lie led to the end of their relationship. She says Ridge went to see RJ at boarding school. Katie says he'll be back - he's her husband. Brooke says technically he's not - they didn't take care of the paperwork - she doesn't know when, or if, she'll see him again.

Caroline rushes out of the office at Forrester to see if Rick, who Thomas pushed out the window, is okay. Thomas follows. Once outside, Rick says only his pride is hurt - the bush broke his fall. He loves Caroline's concern. She giggles at him hitting on her. Thomas glowers.

In Eric's office, he tells Stephanie that Rick was the proper choice for interim CEO. He feels he may have made a mistake in letting Ridge decide. Stephanie says Thomas might surprise him if he gives him a chance. Eric disagrees - he'll need on the job training. Pam rushes in hollering that Rick and Thomas got into it.


Outside Forrester, Thomas tells everyone he and Rick were arguing and things got heated - Rick pressed all his buttons. Eric clucks about how to run a company and manage employees. He warns Thomas that he'll let Ridge's decision stand for now, but if he sees anymore of this behavior, he'll step in. Back inside, Caroline takes Rick's side as he and Thomas bicker. Thomas tells her Rick's been taking advantage of her. Caroline says Thomas drove a wedge between them spending so much time with Hope. She complains that a man who gets a taste of power and becomes violent isn't who she wants. She tells him to go. Once alone, Rick rants to Caroline about working for Ridge and now his idiot son. He's determined that nothing has changed - he'll still be CEO with Caroline by his side. They kiss.

Back in Ridge's office, Eric and Stephanie discuss the incident. Eric wonders why Brooke came back without Ridge anyway. Stephanie says he called her - he's not coming back for a while. She says Brooke lied to Ridge about Deacon Sharpe. They debate about whether it's over. Stephanie would never count Brooke out, but thinks he sounded finished.

Brooke arrives home and flashes to happy times with Ridge. She leaves him a message that she's home and she's sorry.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Deacon returns to Spencer Publications to make demands of Bill.

Brooke and Stephanie discuss the situation with Ridge.

Katie tells Donna about what's going on with Brooke.

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- Candace Young

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