Perfect Pair.

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

Steffy and Liam relish their reunion, Donna advises Hope, and Katie worries.

Perfect Pair. image

Donna shakes her head in disappointment as she watches Liam make love to Steffy in the cabin. She walks away and gasps, "Wow." Donna returns to Brooke's house where Hope appears. Donna nixes Hope's idea to stop by Katie's house, adding that Liam wasn't there. Hope shrugs that he's probably with Steffy, and then tells Donna how he asked her for a last chance earlier that day but she turned him away. She worries she did the wrong thing and has a feeling of dread. Hope asks for Donna's advice. Donna tells her there's more to life than men, and more than just this one guy. Hope says Liam told her he wants her. Donna says Steffy's been a problem from the beginning and that hasn't changed. When Hope says she shouldn't need things so black and white, Donna expresses outrage over her thinking of changing herself. She advises her to go out and live and have adventures - maybe she'll meet 'the one', or maybe she already has. Hope says Thomas isn't 'the one', Liam is. Donna suggests she let Liam go and set herself free - she's sorry, but it's over.

At home, Katie warns Bill that Donna will tell Liam everything, and that could give Hope and Liam another chance. They discuss whether Donna would go to the police. Bill says Donna will only go to Liam - she just wants to ruin his life, not Katie's. He tells Katie that Hope and Liam got married in Italy and if Hope had truly been devoted to his son, they'd still be married. Katie maintains that Liam will only blame him. Later, they wonder why they haven't heard anything yet. Katie tells Bill if Liam shows up they're not to argue near the baby. Bill says Will is a miracle. Katie worries that what Bill's done could change everything for them. She decides she's going to lay down. Bill says he loves her. She says nothing.


Still in the cabin, Steffy and Liam talk after making love. She tells him she missed him, and that he's finally free. Liam admires how she never gave up. He says the men in his family are drawn to strong women. She says they're a perfect pair. They make love again. Later, they cuddle and kiss in the doorway and on the sofa.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Rick gives Caroline a gift as he continues to try to win her affections.

Bill reacts to hearing that Steffy and Liam are back together.

Bill continues to ask Katie to forgive him.

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