Let Sleeping Dogs Lie.

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

Katie and Bill talk, Donna searches for Hope, and Othello argues with Rick.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie. image

At Bill and Katie's place, Bill argues with Donna about telling Liam and Hope what he did in Italy. Donna leaves saying she's telling them right now. Bill asks Katie if she'll stop Donna. Katie says they deserve to know. Bill insists he did Hope a favor - does she want her niece with a man who loves another woman? Katie admits she's worried about Bill going to prison and leaving her alone to raise their son, but she doesn't think Donna would go to the police. Bill wants to focus on the baby. Katie can't stop wondering how the husband she loves so much can be the same man who does these things. Bill says he won't stop protecting his family.

In Rick's office, Othello tells him that Hope needs to know nothing happened between Steffy and Liam that night at the club. He doesn't like lying, and wonders why Rick doesn't feel bad. Rick suggests they just drop it. Othello refuses. Talk turns to Thomas spending time with Hope and possibly leaving Caroline. Othello tells Rick he manipulates like Bill Spencer. Rick insists he's nothing like that guy and says Caroline's not his priority - his sister is. Rick begs Othello to let sleeping dogs lie.

Donna searches for Hope inside Brooke's house and then heads out back. She spots Steffy's shoes on the lawn and Liam's orange trail and keeps going.


In the cabin, Steffy tells Liam he looks happy. He says he is. They talk about how great the place is and how much she loves it. Steffy is glad he's there. She tells him how when she lived with Brooke as a child, she and Ridge used to come down there to get away from everything. Steffy tells him Sinatra used to play cards there with Gregory Peck too - even Bob Hope was in the cabin. Liam enthuses that he's never washing his hands again. Steffy pulls out the cards Ridge taught her to play poker with. Liam says there's nowhere else he'd rather be. They play cards and make jokes. Liam tells Steffy he loves her. She says she loves him too and they make love passionately. Donna appears at the window and sees them!

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Bill worries that Donna will expose him.

Liam and Steffy have no idea their reconnection was witnessed.

Donna advises Hope to move forward and forget about Liam.

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- Candace Young

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