Poached Salmon And Vichyssoise.

Friday, August 17th, 2012

Everyone gathers for the wedding, Liam struggles with his new look, and Hope has some questions.

Poached Salmon And Vichyssoise. image

Liam wakes up with Steffy at the Beverly Hills Hotel again, hung over. He’s late for the wedding and doesn’t remember much about the night before. Steffy assures him they did not do anything – not like she didn’t try. Hope calls Liam and wishes him a happy wedding day. She already has his suit from the cleaners – he just has to get there. He asks if he has time to eat, but she reminds him they are having a luncheon – poached salmon and veal and vichyssoise. He assures her he will be there as soon as he can. Steffy finally shows him his new look – purple hair and a tribal neck tattoo. He is upset but it is not permanent. She reminds him not to ruin his great night last night with a little guilt. They speed to the wedding on her motorcycle.


At Stephanie and Eric’s house, everyone gathers for the wedding. Hope is worried about Stephanie’s health but she assures Hope she went to the doctor and is fine. Stephanie encourages her to stop worrying and enjoy her day. Caroline and Thomas arrive along with Katie and Bill. Katie tells everyone that Bill has promised not to say anything nasty and he compliments Hope. He wonders where Liam is at. Pam fusses over details and Stephanie assures her she had done an outstanding job. Hope is relaxed and is glad she can just enjoy things. Meanwhile, Rick stares at Caroline and then asks her to help him write his toast - he is at a loss for words when he is around her. Thomas and Marcus and Dayzee talk about how they have not heard from Liam or Steffy. Bill insinuates that Rick likes Caroline. Thomas walks up and Rick tells him Hope and Liam are back on track.


Steffy drops Liam off at the guest house. They shake hands and she roars off. Hope runs outside and catches Liam as he tries to duck inside. He dodges her questions about where he was and tries to keep the helmet on to hide his look. She follows him inside and insists on a kiss. Before he shows her, he warns it's not permanent. He reveals the hair and tattoo. She is concerned – how did this happen? Has he been drinking? He admits he went out and went wild. He danced! Hope wants him to be completely honest – did he go out because he was mad at her? She explains how Stephanie was sick and he feels a bit guilty. He does not want her mad at him – he just felt stood up. He loves her and no one will notice him when they see her. She has one more question – was Steffy with him?

Inside, Brooke wonders where Hope is, and Ridge jokes they could take their place. Bill fills up a plate for Katie and insists she eat. He tells Rick he saw him talking with Caroline.


Outside, Steffy thinks about her night with Liam.

Spoilers for Monday on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Hope is livid at Liam and Steffy.

Bill decides to voice an opinion on the goings-on in Liam's life.

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