The Big Dilemma.

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

Stephanie is candid with Hope, Liam parties with Steffy, and Brooke and Ridge discuss the kids.

The Big Dilemma. image

At the nightclub, Steffy asks Liam what happened with Hope. He says she called and said something came up, so tonight he's dancing! Ramona and the DJ wonder what's going on. Steffy says Hope canceled dinner. Another friend asks, "Isn't he getting married tomorrow?" Steffy jokes, "Not if someone can change his mind tonight." She scoffs that Hope is probably doing her napkins or seating chart - it's Liam's last night of freedom. Liam reappears saying that the bartender is keeping the drinks coming all night because he he's getting married tomorrow. Soon, Liam is literally wearing a lampshade. Later, Liam goes with two of Steffy's friends while she's gone to call them a car. When she finds him, she looks stunned!


At the Forrester mansion, Hope reiterates to Stephanie that she is staying with her. She's sure Liam has a million things to do any way since it's the night before their wedding. Stephanie says Hope's driving her crazy just like Brooke, and assures her she'll be fine. Hope says that she'll go back to Brooke's house when Eric gets home. She talks to Stephanie about Steffy, and says another wedding will help her get past things. Stephanie says if it gives her peace of mind, so be it, but she's not sure she and Liam are ready for this. Stephanie warns that she and Liam have only hit tiny bumps in the road - she'd better prepare herself for much worse. Hope thinks Stephanie wants Liam to go back to Steffy. Stephanie says she wants them both to be happy - that's the big dilemma. Hope insists she'll marry Liam tomorrow. She wants Stephanie's blessing. Stephanie says it's just so apparent he has unresolved feelings and it's not healthy to begin a relationship that way. She asks what the rush is to get married. Hope thinks it's her way of rebelling - planning a traditional wedding is the most outrageous thing a Logan girl could do! They hug.


In their bedroom, Ridge tells Brooke that Hope's not there, she had plans with Liam. They've got the house to themselves. They say goodnight to RJ, who's at camp, on the phone, and chat about Hope's elegant wedding at Stephanie's house. Ridge thinks it might pull the family together. Brooke says she's proud of Hope. Ridge agrees she has shown a lot of strength, and so has Steffy. Brooke doesn't want to focus on Steffy. They discuss their wedding and recall the 'giant olive' proposal. They kiss.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Liam has regrets on the morning of his wedding to Hope.

Steffy is happy about her time spent with Liam.

Hope and Liam's wedding gets underway, but the groom isn't there.

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