And So It Begins...

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

Liam hangs out with Steffy, Hope makes a request, and Bill discusses Hope with Katie.

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Steffy and Liam wake up on loungers at the hotel. They talk about the fun they had the night before. Steffy's glad he enjoyed it - once Hope slips the ball and chain around his neck, fun won't be in his vocabulary anymore. Liam mentions work, but Steffy says there's another item to check off his bucket list. He asks, "Isn't that when you're going to die?" Steffy nods.


Hope, Brooke, and Ridge are at Eric and Stephanie's mansion. Hope tells them she and Liam would like to be married in their home. Stephanie says she has a problem with it. Eric points out that Steffy is still in love with Liam. Stephanie feels that Hope and Liam shouldn't get married while he has unresolved feelings for Steffy. Hope persists that she'd be so honored to be married there. Stephanie relents and Eric agrees. Hope hugs them and goes to call Liam.


At Spencer, Katie tells Bill that Hope is staying at Brooke's house. Bill tells Katie he wonders if there's something wrong with Hope - is she trying to push Liam away? Katie says Hope felt horribly betrayed. Bill thinks she should get over it, and warns that Liam may tell her to stay gone. Katie says Hope wants another wedding not tainted by betrayal. Bill can't believe it - does she never tire of planning weddings? Katie changes the subject to Deacon showing up in Italy. Bill says he has better things to think about, such as his blossoming wife. Katie remarks on how 'hands on' he's been during her pregnancy. "Mama likes it." Bill growls, "Come to Papa." They kiss.


Still poolside, Liam answers his phone to Hope, who says they can get married at Stephanie and Eric's house. He takes another shot at getting her to come home. She says it won't be long and lets him go to start planning. Liam tells Steffy the latest. Steffy muses, "And so it begins..." She talks about Hope planning her perfect wedding and life. They get on motorcycle and take off along the coast with Steffy driving. Liam is exhilarated. Liam admits he's tempted not to marry Hope. He tells Steffy she knocks him out; there's nobody in the world like her.


At the Forrester mansion, Hope gushes about being the next Liam Spencer for now and forever. Stephanie hisses to Ridge that she can't support this marriage when Liam's still connected to Steffy. Ridge feels caught in the middle. Stephanie thinks Liam and Steffy love each other, but everyone keeps rallying to Hope's side. Hope and Brooke discuss Stephanie feeling torn and not inviting Steffy. Hope just wants to focus on Liam and being husband and wife.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Hope spends a lot of time planning the wedding.

Hope fails to meet Liam due to a situation with Stephanie's health.

Liam decides not to pout alone after being stood up.

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