A Free Man.

Monday, August 13th, 2012

Liam parties with Steffy, Hope shares wedding ideas, and Caroline and Thomas get closer.

A Free Man. image

At Liam's house, Steffy tells him not to make excuses for Hope - she walked out on him again. Liam tells her Hope will be coming home. She rolls her eyes. "After yet another wedding." She tells Liam someone needs to knock some sense into him. She decides to take him out and show him how to live.


At Brooke and Ridge's place, Hope tells them that she and Liam had a good visit and they are planning another wedding that will be filled with good memories. Brooke warns that Liam is a Spencer - he may have issues with her walking out on him. Hope insists he understands that she's just staying there until the next wedding. Pam arrives with some paperwork for Ridge. Hope tells Brooke she's always wanted to be married at Eric and Stephanie's house. Brooke is resistant to the idea. Pam asks why they're planning another wedding and why she moved out. Ridge says their union's invalid in California. Hope says she didn't move out and they'll soon be together. Ridge tells Hope he'll help make the wedding happen at his parents' house. Hope wants it to be elegant, but notes Steffy isn't invited. Pam volunteers to be her wedding planner. Brooke worries about having it at Stephanie's, but Hope insists. "Nothing will ruin this wedding."


Caroline and Thomas make out at her place. Danielle appears and tells her they have a room for her at their beach house - they'd love for her to move back home. They tease her about having empty nest syndrome. Thomas and Caroline tell her about how inseparable they've been, and how they helped Marcus. Danielle is impressed to hear that Stephanie told them they remind her of Caroline and Ridge. Thomas mentions Steffy and Liam, and steps away to check in with her.


Liam and Steffy arrive at a dance club and meet up with Ramona, who's in town from Aspen. Steffy hollers over the music to Liam that she's just being a good friend - he needs to live a little. They dance. Steffy takes a call from Thomas, and gives him the rundown - she wants to save Liam from Hope. After, Steffy gets up to guest DJ as Liam cheers and dances with Ramona. Steffy spins a tune about being free and rejoins Liam, who crows that he's never had this much fun - he's a free man livin' in a free world! Steffy says, "Don't go back to Hope."


Outside at Caroline's place, she and Thomas kiss. She talks missing New York. He tells her to close her eyes and then plays an app that makes city noises. They kiss some more.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Liam listens to Steffy's reasons why he shouldn't get married to Hope.

Bill tries to avoid answering Katie's questions about Deacon being in Italy.

Stephanie speaks out about Hope and Liam's relationship.

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