Stubborn Streak.

Friday, June 15th, 2012

Brooke talks to Steffy, Hope changes her mind, and Bill warns Deacon.

Stubborn Streak. image

In the olive grove, Brooke tells Ridge she loves what was inside the big fake olive. He asks if she thinks they can handle getting married again. She laughs that it's a habit for them. They make out in the tree.


In room where Bill's stashed Deacon and Alison, Bill tells Deacon he can't risk being seen. Alison suggests it's not good for Bill to keep coming and going either. Bill warns Deacon not to screw this up or else. Deacon theorizes that if he refuses to do Bill's bidding he'll go back to jail. Bill confidently says he won't refuse. They discuss Liam. Bill says he has a stubborn streak like his daddy, and Hope has him snowed, but their relationship ends tomorrow. Bill warns Deacon to stay focused.


Steffy finds Brooke in her suite and asks for Ridge. Brooke says he went looking for her and invites her to wait. Steffy notices her ring. Brooke says they just got engaged in the olive grove. Steffy congratulates her, and says Italy is one of the most romantic place in the world - except for her. She tells Brooke she can see why Liam loves Hope, but it still hurts. Brooke says it's brave of her to be there, and assures her that she and Hope want to be friends with her. Steffy says she'll be her stepmom again. Brooke muses that she doesn't need two moms; she needs someone to talk to. Steffy says that is Liam, and he's busy right now. Brooke tells Steffy to be happy for him, and go to the wedding tomorrow to do what she came to do. After, Brooke flashes to the first time Ridge proposed - with the ring in a glass of champagne. He returns, and she tells him Steffy knows they're engaged. Ridge is concerned about Steffy being there. Brooke thinks she can handle it, but wouldn't blame her if she changed her mind - she couldn't stand and watch him marry someone else.


At the grand staircase, Hope enthuses to Liam that the next time they kiss there it will be as husband and wife. They start walking and Liam talks about the architecture. They arrive at the church and meet with the priest. Hope decides she'd rather get married there instead of at the grand staircase. They all laugh and joke, and then continue to walk through the town. A local woman invites them in, they kiss in a winery, and then go up on a rooftop. Bill spots them and glares ominously.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Bill gives Liam another chance to back out.

Hope comes face-to-face with Deacon.

Deacon follows through.

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