Ol' Ball And Chain.

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Bill convinces Steffy to stay, Deacon talks with Alison, and Ridge's offer is declined.

Ol' Ball And Chain. image

In Italy, Steffy and Bill argue about her plan to leave. She says she never should have listened to him - it was crazy for her to come. Bill works to convince her to stay. They sit down at a cafe, and Steffy tells Bill he needs to face reality - Hope and Liam are getting married tomorrow, and him trying to wish Hope into a breakdown isn't going to stop them. Bill tells Steffy the payoff for staying could be worth it - she needs to see this through.


In his suite, Liam kisses Hope. Brooke and Ridge come to the door looking to track down Steffy and get lunch. Hope tells them that Steffy left. Brooke says if Steffy can't offer her full support, it's better she's not there. Talk turns to Bill. Hope thinks he'll come around, but Ridge wouldn't bet on it. Bill and Steffy come to the door. Steffy says she's changed her mind; she'd like to stand up for Hope if the offer's still open. Hope enthuses, "We're really getting married!" Bill mutters about the ol' ball and chain. Brooke tells Hope it will be everything she ever wanted. Bill says, "Who knows, maybe more." Ridge tells Hope he'll walk her down the aisle, but Hope says it's enough that he's there. Once Brooke and Ridge are alone, she apologizes. He tells her he's fine - Hope should have her special day the way she wants it. They go looking for a giant olive.


In his room, Deacon tries to get information from Alison. He senses she doesn't care for what Bill's doing. Alison says Hope is sweet. Deacon asks about Liam. She says he's kind and smart, and he loves Hope. Deacon explains to her why he made a deal with the devil to get out of prison - it's hell on earth. He continues to complain about Bill having it in for Hope. Deacon takes a call from Bill telling him Hope will be alone in the morning - that's when he'll make his move. He warns him again not to pull anything. Deacon hisses that he doesn't want to go back to prison, so he guesses Bill will get what he wants.


By the pool, Hope tells Liam that Ridge really can't support their marriage, and he's not her real father anyway. They kiss. Bill and Steffy watch from a distance. He tells her to be strong. Hope and Liam talk about soon being husband and wife and kiss more. Bill watches with a sinister look.


In the olive grove, Brooke teases Ridge about finding a big olive. They laugh and kiss.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Brooke and Ridge enjoy some romance while in Italy.

Hope and Liam explore Italy while Steffy mopes.

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