A Lover, Not A Killer.

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

Bill threatens Deacon, Ridge is on a quest, and Steffy wants to leave.

A Lover, Not A Killer. image

In Italy, Steffy watches Hope and Liam kiss with dismay. Ridge appears with Brooke and asks how she's doing. She says she's fine and declines to walk around the grounds with them.


On the Spencer jet, Alison offers drinks. Bill says no hard stuff for Deacon, who tells her he doesn't drink alcohol anyway. Deacon asks Bill what he's supposed to do. Alison listens as Bill tells Deacon he's going to prevent the wedding, and makes a serious threat against him if he screws him over. Deacon tells Alison that Bill means he'll kill him. Bill says he's a lover not a killer, but gives him another warning.


Liam and Hope are in his suite in Italy. She thanks him for all his patience and understanding about her moving in and out of his house. She giggles about soon being 'Mrs. Liam Spencer'. They head outside, where Steffy spots them again from a distance and flashes to her own good times with Liam. She steps away, crying and consumed with memories.


Brooke and Ridge also settle in to their room. She can't wait to explore - he would like to explore her. She laughs. "Down, boy." They talk about why Brooke chose the area. Ridge goes on about the olive groves. Brooke says it's romantic there. They discuss Steffy. Brooke feels it was big of her to support Hope. Ridge doesn't think it's easy for her. Brooke says she knows where to find him if she needs him, and asks about Ridge's new obsession with olives. He says he's on a mission to find a big, big olive. Brooke giggles that he can plop it in a giant martini.


Back in Liam's room, Hope tells him everything that was bothering her in L.A. is gone. Liam tells her he thinks Ridge will come through. Hope goes out to the pool, where Steffy tells her she can't go through with standing up for her - she doesn't belong there. Hope wants her to stay. Steffy says it's too weird...and too hard.


Now in Italy, Bill, Alison, and Deacon are in the place where Deacon will be staying. Deacon muses that he's traded one prison cell for another after Bill says he can't go out. Deacon demands he tell him exactly what he'll be doing to his daughter - he doesn't want to destroy her life! Bill says he'll be saving her from pain. Deacon scoffs at Bill's excuses. Bill threatens to send him back to prison if he won't commit. Deacon hisses, "I'll do it." Bill leaves in his car and stops Steffy, who wants a ride to the airport. He says she's not going anywhere.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Bill works to keep Steffy from fleeing Italy.

Deacon begins to learn more about his daughter.

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