Not Looking For A Parachute.

Monday, June 11th, 2012

Steffy reassures Liam and Ridge, Bill picks up Deacon, and the wedding party arrives in Italy.

Not Looking For A Parachute. image

On the Forrester jet, Steffy recalls Bill's words in her office. Hope and Liam wake up and talk to Brooke and Ridge about jet lag. Liam decides to start making a video to document everything and teases a glum Steffy. Ridge and Brooke have a whispered conversation about Steffy. Hope tells Liam she wants to talk to Steffy, but he dissuades her. He then goes to ask Steffy if she's okay. She assures him she's not looking for a parachute, and they discuss that it's weird for her to be in the wedding party. Liam thinks it says a lot about her and Hope that it's happening. Ridge and Steffy talk next. She assures him she's alright. He muses that there are less painful ways to get closure. Brooke asks Liam and Hope why they think Steffy came. They are told it's time to land. Hope approaches Steffy to ask how involved she wants to be. Steffy plans to keep a low profile. She says it will be difficult to see them at the altar, but after all they've been through, she should be there. Hope says it means a lot. Liam repeats the sentiment.


On the Spencer jet, Bill tells Alison that his plan with Deacon Sharpe is his last chance to pull Liam's butt out of the fire. He tells Alison that Hope will drag Liam down - Steffy lifted him up.


At the prison, the warden tells Deacon he should be happy he's being released. Deacon says when you owe a man like Bill Spencer you're not free. The warden goes back to his office, and Bill arrives. The warden tells him you can't just check out an inmate. Bill tells him to figure it out. They go to the cell to get Deacon. Bill warns him if he tries anything, he'll say he tried to escape. Deacon accepts his belongings and Bill grins that everybody wins. Deacon growls, "Not everybody." Bill thinks he's pretty grumpy for someone getting released from prison! Outside, Bill tells Deacon to get in the car - they're going to the airport and heading to Italy. Deacon murmurs, "Hope's wedding," and tells 'Billy-Boy' he's a heartless son-of-a-bitch. Once they are back on the jet, Bill explains to Deacon that he doesn't hate Hope - just the idea of her being married to his son.


In Italy, Hope and Liam pull up at the wedding venue in a red sports car, greet their host, and look around the property. Later, Brooke, Ridge, and Steffy arrive at the same place. Steffy spots Liam and Hope kissing and gets teary.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

When Deacon has doubts about his role in Bill's plan, Bill turns threatening.

Steffy has a hard time watching Hope and Liam together and happy.

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