Bad Feeling.

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Brooke tells Rick about Hope's struggle, Justin and Bill bicker, and Liam, Hope, and Steffy arrive in Aspen.

Bad Feeling. image

Justin enters Bill's office and tells him the Forrester jet is landing. Bill calls Oliver and gives him the heads up. Justin talks to Bill about calling it off and leaving things to fate. Bill won't leave his only son's future in fate's fickle hands. Justin counters that Liam should figure things out for himself or it won't stick. They bicker about what Hope has to offer. Bill says if Hope can't stand up to some media scrutiny, she's not fit to be Liam's spouse. Justin reminds Bill that she is his son's choice. Bill says Liam never smiles with Hope like he did with Steffy - he needs a woman who challenges him and makes him better, like Katie does for him.


At Forrester, Brooke and Rick discuss Hope having gone to Aspen. Rick's concerned about the press. Brooke says she'll keep a low profile. Rick says Hope is pretty strong, but Brooke makes a face. She admits that Hope's been seeing a psychiatrist and taking anti-anxiety medication. She urges Rick to offer his support. Brooke tells him about Hope getting pills online, adding that she promised not to take them again. Rick's concerned about what could happen in Aspen. He makes a call to his buddy Othello and asks him to look out for Hope. Rick tells Brooke he still has a bad feeling about Hope staying at Bill Spencer's house.


Steffy muses that Aspen is the most beautiful place in the world as the jet carrying her, Liam, and Hope lands. Steffy joins Ramona, who says the press is ready to go. Steffy says she's starting a ski line to keep close to Aspen, adding that she hasn't given up on Liam. From a distance, Othello spots them. Steffy tells Ramona it's killing her that Liam is with Hope in that house right now. Ramona says that perhaps by the end of the week she'll be flying home with her husband.


Liam and Hope get in a jeep in Aspen and the paparazzi spot them. They go to Bill's house and kiss outside. Liam suggests they take a hot tub. While changing in the bedroom, Liam recalls making love to Steffy. He joins Hope and they joke, kiss, and talk about how many kids they'll have.

In his office, Bill gets an update from Oliver that a few of the press spotted Hope. Bill muses that maybe he's underestimated Hope, if not, it all ends tomorrow.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Hope tries to get away from the paparazzi.

Liam shares memories with his wife.

Steffy and Ramona try to help Hope.

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