Sweet Caroline.

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

Brooke continues to press Rick, Hope's pill kicks in, and Ridge reminisces about Caroline.

Sweet Caroline. image

At the party, Brooke tells Rick to look at Caroline. She says he needs to get Amber out of his life - today. Nearby, Liam wonders where Hope has gone. Outside, Hope is puzzled by her need to take a pill - Steffy's not even there. Inside, Rick continues to defend Amber. Amber tells Brooke that she and Rick work well together - why can't that be okay? Brooke accuses Amber of scamming. Amber goes to check on Rosie. Brooke asks Rick who he'd rather work with - a lifelong con artist or a girl who started her own foundation?


Hope re-enters the Forrester mansion and laughs uncontrollably when Dayzee asks how she's coping. Liam gives her a strange look. Rick finds Caroline alone and offers to show her around L.A. She accepts. Amber watches, and then chats Caroline up afterward. She tells her Rick is a player. Across the room, Hope tells Bill, Katie, and Liam that Amber's not so bad - she's just annoying. Stephanie approaches Caroline and warns her about Amber - she loves her, but she makes bad choices. Ridge appears and compliments Caroline on the foundation video. He says he'll tell her more about her aunt. Meanwhile, Hope crosses the room to Amber and asks if her adorable baby is sleeping. Amber suggests they become friends. Brooke looks over when Hope laughs out loud at something Amber says. Brooke warns Amber she sees through her attempt to butter up Hope. Amber thinks Brooke should understand how it feels to be her. Brooke orders her to leave. Amber refuses.


Ridge and Caroline are in the guest house. He tells her it's where he and Caroline lived...and where she died. He says he doesn't talk about that time, but he will for her. Ridge tells her how he gave Caroline a charm bracelet to add to every year, and when he found out she was dying he gave her all the charms for every milestone they would never have. Ridge tells Caroline not to waste a moment of life - it can be fragile and uncertain. He tells her that her aunt was the most special soul he's ever known in his life. Caroline cries and shows him her cancer ribbon tattoo on her neck. Ridge sobs, "Sweet Caroline."

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Dr. Barton has a confusing appointment with Hope.

Caroline talks about her late aunt with Stephanie.

Stephanie tells Caroline she should date Thomas, not Rick.

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