Adultery Is An Ugly Word.

Monday, March 19th, 2012

Hope frets about pills, Steffy says goodbye and Liam seems confused.

Adultery Is An Ugly Word. image

At Brooke’s, Hope chats with Liam on the phone about their night. Marcus texts her and wants her to go to Dayzee’s and so she invites him. They hang up as Brooke walks in and asks about her night. Hope tells her she took a pill and that it worked but Liam had no idea. She doesn’t want to take them but Brooke says it won’t be all the time. They are starting a new life and Brooke tells her the stress is normal. Then she tells Hope that Steffy is leaving for Aspen. She opens the door to Taylor, who overhears them talking about Steffy’s trip. "The two of you could pretend not to be so happy," Taylor says. Hope wonders why she is going to Aspen, the place where she tricked Liam into marrying her. Taylor says there was no tricking. Hope tells Taylor she hopes the trip is good for Steffy, then leaves for work. Brooke tells Taylor leaving town could be the best thing for Steffy to put things in perspective. Taylor says Liam loves Steffy or he never would have married her.


Liam seems conflicted as he hangs up with Hope as Steffy walks in. He tells her things are great between him and Hope, better than ever. She tells him she had thought there were problems, but that she must have been wrong. She then tells Liam she is leaving town. He doesn’t want her to be hasty, but she tells him she has to do it so he can be sure what he wants. Liam wants her to think about it - he can’t imagine his life without her. She can’t stay since it breaks her heart to see him and wants to be where they started their lives together. He stops her as she leaves to tell her he wants her to be happy. She says she will be back and maybe by then he will have come to his senses. She kisses him and says goodbye, then cries outside the door. Later, Bill comes in and gives him a hard time about the bad sex with Hope, and Liam tells him how great it has been since. He tells Bill Steffy is leaving, and Bill doubts it'll work out with Hope, claiming that Liam loves Steffy.


Steffy is packing up her office while Hope tells her she knows how hard it is for her to see Liam with the woman he loves. Steffy asks her how she avoids letting adultery get to her. Hope tells her it is an ugly word and not how she feels when she is with Liam. She tells Steffy her power is gone and that they wouldn’t even be married if she had let Hope see Liam in Aspen. She should think about that on her trip. Steffy says she is not giving up. Hope tells her to move on, then grabs her purse as her pills fall out. Hope tells Steffy to leave, that she and Liam are solid and nothing will come between them. She holds her pill bottle.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Brooke and Ridge learn that Eric and Stephanie tied the knot.

Dr. Stacy hears from Hope about her mother's sexual behavior leaving lasting scars.

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