Big Trouble.

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Hope and Liam go to bed, Stephanie appeals to Taylor, and Brooke and Ridge discuss Hope.

Big Trouble. image

At the beach house Hope and Liam kiss in bed. She gives him a nod and he pulls her nightgown from her shoulders. She looks uncertain. As they kiss, Steffy's words about her committing adultery ring in Hope's head. Liam asks if she wants to slow down. She says, "No." They undress and begin making love, but Hope can't stop thinking about Steffy's words. She tells Liam not to stop. Liam makes love to her, but Steffy's voice continues to play over and over in her mind. After, Liam asks if she's okay. She apologetically says she was probably too nervous. Liam says it the expectations got too built up, but it was beautiful. He says the good news is that was just their first time - they have the rest of their lives together. Hope looks uncomfortable.


Steffy paces around her office thinking about the good times with Liam, and then leaves.


Ridge enters the bedroom and tells Brooke he's worried about the girls. Brooke says Steffy will move on. Ridge says if Hope has talked herself into something she's not ready for, it will backfire. Brooke insists Hope is mature enough, but Ridge reminds her Hope always wanted to wait. Brooke tells him they'll be married soon. Ridge says they're not now - and on some level that has to bother her. Brooke appreciates his concern, and talks about how proud she is of Hope - growing up with her as a mom wasn't easy. Ridge doesn't think Hope holds anything against her. Brooke says her behavior made Hope grow up too soon, and was confusing. She's glad Hope can focus on her life with Liam now. Brooke says they'll be together for the rest of their lives.


At Forrester, Stephanie has filled Taylor that it's Hope and Liam's big night. Taylor's appalled that Brooke knows and is telling everyone about it. She leaves Steffy a supportive phone message. She then tells Stephanie that at least Liam has made a choice and now Steffy can move on - she doesn't want her waiting around on an unavailable man. Stephanie protests that Steffy doesn't want to give up on her marriage. Taylor wonders why they'd even want Steffy with someone who chose another woman over her. Stephanie says Liam isn't like Ridge - he's like Eric, who pined over the Logan girls but ended up with her. Stephanie opines that Hope needs a psychiatric couch - the Logans are riddled with problems - Liam will see that and return to Steffy. She insists that being a Logan means big trouble.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Someone proposes.

Gladys Pope, Sally Spectra's old friend, drops in on Eric and Stephanie.

Hope opens up to Brooke about her night with Liam.

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